Renée Zellweger, Star Of The Thing About Pam, Shares A Strange Oscars Recollection About Walking In Heels

On March 8, 2022, Academy Award winner Renée Zellweger appeared on The Tonight Show, Starring Jimmy Fallon. She then went on to promote her upcoming murder-crime miniseries, The Thing About Pam, based on Pamela Hupp’s true story.

During the show’s discussion, the actress shared intimate details about her Oscars routines with host Jimmy Fallon. Jimmy congratulated her on her second Academy Award for best actress, which she received for her performance as the singer Judy Garland in Judy (2019).

 Renée Zellweger
Zellweger recalls an unusual Oscars memory about walking in heels

What is Renée Zellweger’s outlandish Oscar custom?

Renée Zellweger is well-known in Hollywood for her unconventional film choices, having played a broad spectrum of roles. Her stunning portrayal of the artist Judy Garland, a troubled figure forced. Fend for herself in her career’s closing days earned her the second Academy Award.

Renée’s Judy was so nuanced and her anecdotes so genuine that she received excellent reviews and numerous awards for the film.

While celebrating the winner, Jimmy commended the actress and questioned. How did she prepare for such great fame, to which she had an unexpected response?

To be grounded and absorb the moment properly. The artist said she likes to skip the traditional practice of riding fancy limos to the Dolby. Theater in Los Angeles and instead walks up to the ceremony. For a megastar like her, this was a major surprise to both the audience and Jimmy.

She also remembered how it had rained that day as she had to go up to the awards in high heels, about half a mile from her hotel. In contrast, she does not encourage walking in the rain in high heels. Due to the risks involved, she did chuckle about how it keeps her grounded.

Renée, as strange as she is, prefers not to make a grand debut in front of blazing cameras and screaming fans. As she explained to Jimmy, she likes to slip in quietly and not make a scene.

“So I have a few of rituals and things that I like to do before I go. One of which is to go for a stroll. I don’t like getting in the car, you know, the long limo journey, because I don’t like coming out and seeing everyone yelling and whatnot. So I slip in. I sneak in because, you know, everyone comes out and stands there looking at the red carpet, so I creep in behind them.”

Everything you need to know about Renée’s new drama series

In the upcoming NBC crime thriller The Thing About Pam, Zellweger will play Pam Hupp, a convicted murderer based on the true story of Betsy Faria’s murder.

The Thing About Pam cast includes Katy Mixon, Sean Bridgers, Gideon Adlon, Glenn Fleshler, Mac Brandt, and Suanne Spoke. Renée had to gain a lot of weight and undergo a radical makeover to play Pam.

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