Relationship Between Lee Min-ho And Kim Min-ha In Pachinko Warrants More Screen Time

Pachinko’s first three episodes debuted on Apple TV+ on Friday, and the show has gotten a lot of positive feedback. The audience is especially captivated by the chemistry between Lee Min-ho and Kim Min-ha, which is one of the show’s many favorable qualities. In the Apple TV+ program, Lee Min-ho portrays Koh Hansu, while rookie actor Kim Min-ha portrays Sunja.

The love tale of Koh Hansu and Sunja in Pachinko

Sunja’s present and past are depicted in tandem in the first three episodes. She is a present-day old woman who gives the viewer a glimpse into her past as she recalls particular moments. From her childhood, growing up with a crippled father and mother, to becoming a gorgeous young woman.

Lee Min-ho and Kim Min-ha

She meets Koh Hansu at this point and falls in love with him. This relationship’s intensity is visceral, and it has a lasting effect on the audience. Sunja’s parents own the neighborhood board house and make a meager living. Her boyfriend, on the other hand, is a self-made guy who has risen through the ranks of society. He is wealthy and powerful, and he works as a broker in the local market.

When Sunja finds that her beloved is married, their love grows even stronger. He also has no intention of leaving his wife in Osaka, but he does offer to take her in as his mistress. Sunja is disgusted by his promises of luxury and prosperity. She declines his Pachinko offer and terminates their relationship. If they will cross paths again, it is a question that will have to be answered in future episodes.

Fans Respond To Kim Min-ha And Lee Min-Ho’s Chemistry In Pachinko

Fans of Lee Min-ho took to Twitter to express their delight with the event and his performance. They’ve also posted screenshots of some of their favorite sequences from the show. The show has sparked discussion on social media, with fans wishing for more scenes of Min-ho and Min-ha together and singing praises for Pachinko.

Jin Ha, Soji Arai, and Steve Sang-Hyun Noh, among others, feature in Pachinko. Every Friday, fresh episodes of the show will premiere. It is based on writer Min Jin Lee’s New York Times bestseller novel of the same name and chronicles the challenges that a Korean family faces in Japan after emigrating from Korea.

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