Recap of Crazy Love episode 1: The Lives Of Noh Go-jin And Lee Shin-Ah Are In Jeopardy

Crazy Love, an original series from iQiyi, has made its premiere. The series stars Kim Jae-Wook as Noh Go-jin, the CEO of GOTOP — South Korea’s number one online education website — and Lee Shin-ah (Krystal Jung) as his determined yet timid secretary, far from the love story it is billed to be.

However, the show’s opening episodes established the groundwork for the tumult. Yet unique relationship that we will see in future episodes.

Lee Shin-ah, the pushover with huge goals, vs. Noh Go-jin, the success-hungry genius

Crazy Love’s first episode begins with a scene that will be replayed later in the series. Hence the subsequent episodes will be more of a flashback leading up to the stated event. Noh Go-jin, a talented arithmetic genius, is a well-known figure who appears at a venue where people are eager to meet him.

As he exposes his face, he detects something and looks up to see a sniper aiming at him.

Crazy Love episode 1 recap
Noh Go-jin and Lee Shin-ah’s lives are in peril.

The plot of Crazy Love then switches to the present day, where we meet Lee Shin-ah, Go-perennially jin’s nervous secretary, who joined the company hoping to become an instructor one day.

It appears that being Go-secretary jin’s is impossible since he is annoyingly obsessive about having things a specific way and will not hesitate to drive people to tears if he does not achieve what he wants.

Shin-ah puts up with the mental abuse in the hopes of one day becoming an instructor at GOTOP. She memorizes Go-schedule jin’s and follows it strictly, but he still finds ways to chastise her.

Go-jin also has a habit of making enemies; he fires one of GOTOP’s founding members, English instructor Kang-min because he is not bringing in enough money.

During a memorable speech, he also antagonizes Park Yantae, the CEO of a rival, Ilpum Education. He also receives threatening packages from the employees he fired, containing severe threats, including threats to assassinate him. In Crazy Love, he has an entire room dedicated to these “souvenirs.”

The only person he is polite to be his younger brother, the deputy CEO, who appears to be a good person. He remembers his brother’s birthday and Shin-one-year anniversary at the company.

In Crazy Love, Shin-ah develops a one-sided infatuation with him due to his charismatic nature in contrast to his brother’s roughness.

In Crazy Love, Shin-life ah’s taking a complete 180-degree turn

Despite her hard work, Go-jin taunts her and declares she will never be a teacher. Shin-constant ah’s letdowns force her to take medication for her growing headaches, which worsen over time.

So one day, she gets a CT scan and realizes she has a brain tumor in its final stages. In truth, she has only a short time remaining and will die soon.

Soon after, we witness a disheartened and forlorn Shin-ah wandering the streets. However, she is spotted breaking into Go-house jin’s the next minute. As Shin-ah raises her hammer, a stunned Go-jin has his first bout of panic.

Only the second episode of Crazy Love will show if it’s true. Or if Shin-fantasy-fueled ah’s imagination is seeking vengeance on her nasty boss.

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