Rebel Wilson Astounded Fans When She Revealed She Had A Child Through Surrogacy

Rebel Wilson startled her followers last week when she revealed she had discreetly welcomed a baby daughter through surrogacy. The new mom came to Instagram to post a photo of her baby, beside which she revealed the child’s name is Roycie Lillian. The baby is dressed in a pink onesie and holds unicorn shoes and mittens in the photo. Wilson declared herself “proud” to announce the birth of her first child, describing her as a “beautiful miracle.” The actress praised everyone involved in the process of bringing her kid into the world, especially her “beautiful surrogate.”

Rebel Wilson did not disclose why she chose surrogacy, but she did reveal her intentions and choice to conceive a kid through surrogate in a 2019 interview with People.

A peek at Rebel Wilson’s intentions for surrogacy and parenthood.

Rebel Wilson highlighted her reproductive struggle on the cover of People Magazine in May 2019, revealing that her fertility might be better if she was healthier:

“He examined me and stated, ‘You’d perform much better if you were healthy.’”

The Jojo Rabbit actress went on to say that the notion of her future child’s requirements pushed her to stay healthy at the time, saying:

“I was surprised. ‘Oh my God, this person is really rude,’ I thought. He was correct. I was carrying a lot of extra weight. It’s almost as if I didn’t consider my own needs. I was driven to become healthy by the requirements of a future kid.”

Rebel Wilson

Wilson said that she lost more than 80 pounds after beginning on a weight reduction program, adding:

“It was never an aim to lose weight.” It was just being the best version of me.”

The actress also has the polycystic ovarian syndrome, which may interfere with conception. Wilson said in the interview that if she ever wanted to create a family, she would prefer “going for it alone” owing to the “biological clock.”

She said on surrogacy and other related techniques:

“If I meet the proper person, that’s terrific; they’ll fit in with whatever occurs.” It’s fantastic that this technology exists. With surrogacy and sperm donors, you have so many alternatives.”

The actress-comedian also confessed that she began thinking about fertility when she was 39, citing Janet Jackson’s maternity path as inspiration. Rebel Wilson also said at the time that the trip was difficult and that she was uncertain about the ending:

“I can connect to any lady who has been through it.” It’s been a whirlwind of emotions. I’m not sure how it will finish. But I’m still young enough to give it a go.”

Rebel Wilson


Wilson has now had her first kid via surrogacy, some two years later. The actress said that she is “learning rapidly” and “proud” to be a new parent. Wilson’s girlfriend Ramona Agruma expressed her support for Wilson after the birth of her baby by commenting on the former’s Instagram photo.

Wilson ignited engagement speculations with Agruma earlier this year. According to Page Six, the couple got engaged last month and were seen wearing diamond rings on their fingers during George Clooney’s Casamigos Halloween Party. The Pitch Perfect actress, on the other hand, rejected the rumors and stressed that she was not engaged to her boyfriend.

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