Rebecca Romijn And Jerry O’Connell Will Be Featured As Hosts Of “The Real Love Boat”

The Real Love Boat, CBS’s upcoming reality program that is now the buzz of the town, will be hosted by happily married couple Jerry O’Connell and Rebecca Romijn. The pair have been together for 15 years and just celebrated their anniversary. They’ve been married since 2007 and are still going strong.

The Real Love Boat is a revival of the well-known scripted reality program The Love Boat. The new program, on the other hand, will be an unscripted series that will feature real-life individuals staying on a ship to find the love of their lives while doing activities at some of the world’s most beautiful locations.

The program will launch on October 5, 2022, with the following official synopsis:

Singles go on vacation dates and engage in tasks to measure couples’ compatibility and chemistry while earning important incentives throughout the season. When fresh Singles embark, the amorous seas will be tested, and those who don’t find a partner will “Shove Off” and be left behind in port. After almost a month at sea, one lucky couple will arrive at the final destination and receive a financial reward as well as a once-in-a-lifetime vacation courtesy of Princess Cruises, the series’ exclusive cruise line partner.

The Real Love Boat’s Jerry O’Connell and Rebecca Romijn have two kids.

Jerry O’Connell and Rebecca Romijn married on July 14, 2007, and they have twin daughters, Dolly and Charlie, who are 13 years old. The Real Love Boat hosts met at a Maxim Hot 100 party in Las Vegas in 2005, after Rebecca’s divorce from John Stamos, whom she married in 1998. When Rebecca was standing in the VIP queue, Jerry saw her. His mind was blown when he saw her. As a result, he began doing different things during the pool party in order to get Romijn’s attention. They got along extremely well when they began conversing and exchanging phone numbers.

Rebecca Romijn


The pair then went on several dates in Las Vegas, with Jerry dropping Romijn off at her apartment from the airport. Jerry joked about being together for 15 years and how it feels to have made it this far in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

He stated:

“We haven’t given it much consideration since I believe we’re both surprised that we’ve gotten this far. We’re still getting over the fact that we’re still married.”

On their anniversary, Jerry also gave her a ring and mentioned:

“It contains a stone. It’s not the cleanest stone in the world, but I tried. I made an attempt.”

On the occasion of their anniversary, Romijn posted a series of photos of the couple throughout the years with the caption:

“After all these years, I’m still smiling. @mrjerryoc, congratulations on your 15th anniversary! I adore you!!”

Rebecca Romijn

Nonetheless, Jerry and Rebecca get along well with John Stamos and have no bad blood between them. The Real Love Boat is created by Eureka Productions in collaboration with Buster Productions. Eureka’s executive producers are Chris Culver, Paul Franklin, and Wes Dening, while Princess Cruises’ EP is Scott Helmstedter.

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