Rebecca McBrain- Interesting Facts About Paul Walker’s Ex-Girlfriend

If you’ve ever seen one of the Fast & Furious franchise’s breathtaking action films, you’ve probably still not gotten over Paul Walker’s unexpected and tragic death. The late Hollywood star died in a terrible car accident.

Walker had a daughter, Meadow Rain Walker, with his ex-girlfriend Rebecca McBrain, despite the fact that he never married (aka Rebecca Soteros). Rebecca was leaving in Hawaii at the time of her ex’s death, but she quickly relocated to California to support their daughter during this heartbreaking time.

So, how is Rebecca’s life going after the tragedy? Learn about her relationship with her grown daughter Meadow, who hasn’t posted a single photo of her mother on any of her social media accounts. There are a lot of unknown details here!

Rebecca McBrain
Rebecca McBrain With Paul Walker (Source: Pinterest)

Rebecca McBrain Biography

McBrain was born in 1974 in California. Julie Ann and Mark Soteros are her parents. Julie, her mother, died in July 2004 at the age of 48. She grew up with her only younger brother, Joshua. In terms of education, Rebecca attended Village Christian School and graduated in 1992.

Rebecca McBrain Relationship With Paul Walker

They started dating in 1998. Paul was a newcomer to the entertainment industry at the time, with only a few projects under his belt.

After a short time together, the couple welcomed their daughter Meadow Rain Walker on November 4th of that year. According to sources, Rebecca asked her then-boyfriend to marry her soon after the birth of their daughter, but the actor was not ready at the time due to his rising Hollywood career. The pair then parted ways.

Her Drinking Habit Ruined Their Relationship

According to many sources, the main reason for Paul and Rebecca’s divorce was their frequent squabbles over her dirking habit. She’s even been arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) twice before. Soteros was arrested for DUI for the first time in October 2003 in Newport Beach, California. In Hawaii, Paul’s ex pleaded guilty for the second time in the same case.

Meadow Rain Walker Spent Her Childhood With Her Mother

Their daughter was a toddler at the time of their divorce. Meadow then spent the majority of her childhood in Hawaii with her mother before relocating to California in 2011 to be closer to her father.

The father and daughter had a special relationship. Her actor father also wanted to take a break from his hectic acting schedule to become a full-time father. In an exclusive interview with EW, he stated,

“My heart was desperate for so many years because of my daughter’s situation.” She lives in Hawaii, and she is there, while I am running here. My daughter now lives with me full-time and is the best companion I’ve ever had. It’s insane. I’ve never experienced anything like this before.”

In an emotional interview with CBS Los Angeles, Paul’s father, Paul Walker Sr, also explained his son’s love for Meadow. He quoted his son’s remark,

“I’d like to take a break.” She’s only 15 years old, and I don’t have much more time to spend with her. Then, all of a sudden, he was cast in another film. ‘I don’t know what to do,’ he’d say.

According to reports, the actor was also on good terms with his baby’s mother, Rebecca, who lived in Hawaii. Unfortunately, both father and daughter were unable to spend much time together after Paul died tragically in a car accident.

Paul Walker’s Death Affected Her

The actor’s untimely and tragic death shocked everyone, but it devastated his daughter the most. When the tragedy occurred, he was attending a charity event for victims of Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) called Reach Out Worldwide. His daughter was also present at the event at the time. Rebecca, on the other hand, was in Hawaii and flew to California shortly after the incident occurred to be with their daughter.

Meadow shared an emotional message on Facebook at the time, saying,

“When I was a child, he taught me to walk, to smile, and to never give up.” I’ve loved him since I didn’t know what love was. He was a hero to me. My ACTUAL hero in real life! He will always have a special place in my heart! As I write this, tears well up in my eyes. You’re no longer here, but you’re not forgotten! Dad, rest in peace!”

Walker was in a car with his racing buddy Roger Rodas. When Roger lost control, it crashed into a tree in Santa Clarita. Meadow became the sole heir to her father’s estate after his death, including a $25 million net worth.

Rebecca McBrain And Paul Walker’s Mother Fight For Custody

Cheryl Ann Walker, the late actor’s mother, petitioned for legal guardianship of her grandchild Meadow in March 2014, alleging the baby’s mother had an alcohol addiction. According to an insider, Rebecca is always a good mother and has a wonderful relationship with her daughter.

“She adores her.” He has always been and will continue to be a good mother, and there is no reason for him to change. I’m sure she’ll fight until her last breath to be [Meadow’s] mother. “All she wants is her child.”

However, a few days after Cheryl’s filing, Rebecca informed Cheryl of her hasty decision to enter a rehab facility. According to TMZ, Meadow’s grandmother then promised to drop the guardianship case if she could complete the program.

Did Rebecca McBrain Remarry?

Many tabloids reported that Paul’s ex-girlfriend Rebecca MacBrian was married to Iron Maiden drummer Nicko McBrain. However, the woman who has been married to Nicko is not Paul’s former girlfriend Rebecca. First and foremost, Nicko has been married to a woman since 1989. Walker’s ex’s real name, on the other hand, is Rebecca Soteros, according to a reliable online source Daily Entertainment News.

Furthermore, the mother of Paul’s only daughter Meadow is his ex-girlfriend Bliss Ellis, according to a New York Post article. Many sources have reported that Meadow’s mother is Bliss since the article was published. It was later revealed to be a hoax.

What Is Rebecca Upto These Days?

Soteros, on the other hand, has kept every detail to herself. The ex-ex-girlfriend celebrities is not on any social media platforms.

According to tabloids, Rebecca is currently residing in Los Angeles and working as a teacher there. She is also said to work behind the scenes for a few charitable organizations. The Paul Walker Foundation, founded in 2015 by their daughter Meadow, is one of the non-profit organizations that Soteros supports. It primarily benefits students who are interested in learning about marine science.

Rebecca McBrain Net Worth

As of May 2023, her fortune will be $250,000 USD. Aside from that, nothing about her wealth and properties belongs to her. Furthermore, when it comes to her late ex-beau Paul’s wealth, he had $25 million at the time of his death. He made most of his money from his roles in popular films and television shows.

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