Real Reason Behind The Breakup Between Macaulay Culkin And Mila Kunis

Macaulay Culkin has always kept his personal life private. The Home Alone star has done his utmost to keep his friendships and relationships private. However, Hollywood is not a place where secrets last long. Culkin, on the other hand, has kept his dating life under wraps. His almost ten-year relationship with ex-girlfriend Mila Kunis is an illustration of this. They dated for a long time, but few knew about it, and even fewer understood the nuances of their relationship.

Macaulay Culkin and Mila Kunis’ Relationship

Culkin and Kunis met in the early days of their acting careers and started dating. He was a little more famous than she was, but when they first met, they were both child stars transitioning into grownups in Hollywood. Despite neither of them admitting to having a romantic involvement with the other, their relationship became public knowledge in 2002. And it was a long-distance romance – Culkin lived in New York City, while Kunis lived in Los Angeles.

Culkin and Kunis met after his divorce from Rachel Miner. Kunis seems to have changed his mind about being “abstinent, asexual, or whatever.” They were also in various stages of their careers. Kunis’s career was just taking off following her performances on That 70s Show (in which she featured opposite her now husband Ashton Kutcher) (in which she starred alongside her now husband Ashton Kutcher). Culkin, on the other hand, was in semi-retirement after the success of the Home Alone films.

Macaulay Culkin

By 2003, their relationship had become so public that he had to officially deny engagement rumors. In doing so, he acknowledged to having a romantic connection with her, adding, “I have a lovely, amazing, wonderful relationship with someone. It’s going swimmingly… We try to keep our private and public lives separate… which is a good thing.”
Speculations do not fade quickly, particularly in Hollywood, and the engagement rumors persisted until 2007. Kunis was the next to refuse them.

Six years into their relationship, the actress joked and dismissed the accusations during an interview with Parade in 2007. “I’ve been married. I believe I’ve already married. And I’m very certain I have a kid someplace. I’m waiting for something else to happen “She stated sarcastically before adding that she was neither engaged, nor married and that she had no children with Culkin.

“Nobody appears to be paying attention. And I’ll be engaged again next week “She continued. “What is the matter with these people? Half of the time, you may argue they misinterpreted facts. But, more often than not, they just make things up.”


She stated in the same interview that they were “very secretive” and that they appreciated the solitude they had been able to maintain. Kunis went so far as to describe him “perhaps the most intellectual guy I’ve ever met” and “an great human being.”

She lauded him for his down-to-earth demeanor and ability to remain grounded despite his difficult background. In 2009, Kunis said that they had essentially grown up together and that he had given her great stability. She attributed her success to him and referred to him as her “solid rock” throughout her life. In September 2009, they also attended Michael Jackson’s burial as a group. In retrospect, this was the pinnacle of their love, and it went all downhill from there.

Mila Kunis Accepts Responsibility for Their Split

The couple surprised the world in 2011 when they announced their split after eight years together. In the end, it was she who screwed up, although that would be revealed years later. Her spokesperson said in their statement that they were still on good terms and that the split was “amicable.” A year later, in an interview with Elle UK (via HuffPost), she was still praising Culkin, whom she acknowledged for assisting her in adjusting to life at such a young age.

Macaulay Culkin

She just shared more about how things ended in 2016, however, none of them have ever given the actual facts. She told Howard Stern that she and Culkin did not have a regular relationship, owing to his celebrity. In 2018, she revealed that she was the one who “f-ed up” during their “terrible dreadful” breakup. She was sorry for what she did and how she handled the split, even calling herself an “a-hole” for it.

They were “definitely not as cordial as [they] could be,” she stated, contradicting their pleasant separation statement. However, the accusations about Kunis cheating on Culkin with Kutcher were false, and they held no grudges. For the time being, both are in serious relationships: Kunis has two children with her now-husband, Kutcher, while Culkin has one child with his girlfriend, Brenda Song, whom he has been seeing since 2017.

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