Randy Travis Fans Were Concerned About Travis After He Was Seen In A Wheel Chair In A Post Malone Video

Randy Travis was recently spotted playing beer pong with musician Post Malone in a YouTube clip. Travis’ followers were concerned after seeing him in a wheelchair in the video. Travis was spotted partying backstage with Post Malone during the latter’s latest 12 Carat Tour gig in Nashville. They were joined onstage by guitarist Billy Strings and country singer Luke Bryan. Strings shared a few photos from the encounter, as well as a video of Post and Travis playing beer pong, on social media.

Travis launched a ping-pong ball while sitting in his wheelchair in the video. Strings claimed in the post’s comments section that Travis watched Post Malone’s whole performance and that Malone also played one of Travis’ songs as he walked off stage. Travis shared a TikTok video of the beer pong game and dubbed Post Malone the “nicest man in the world.”

Why Was Randy Travis in a wheelchair in the Post Malone video?

Randy Travis fans were concerned when they saw him in a wheelchair in a beer pong video shared by Billy Strings. Although the actual cause has yet to be disclosed, it may be presumed that the wheelchair is the result of a stroke that Travis sustained in 2013. Travis was sent to the hospital in July 2013 for viral cardiomyopathy as a result of a viral upper respiratory infection. He subsequently had a stroke and needed surgery to relieve the strain on his brain. Travis awoke after surgery a few days later, though, with his heart beating without the assistance of equipment.

He proceeded to a physical treatment center after being released, but despite therapy, he suffered from aphasia. As a consequence, he had to use a cane for a while. He could walk a bit by November 2014. Although he has remained primarily wheelchair-bound since the stroke, he has gained the capacity to walk small distances over the years.

Randy Travis

Randy’s wife Mary spoke to Rolling Stone in 2021 about her husband’s stroke and how she was not prepared to accept that her husband would be bedridden for the rest of his life. Randy’s recuperation included many ups and downs, according to her.

Who Is Randy Travis?

Randy Travis was rejected by numerous record companies in the early phases of his career, and his demo recordings were heavily criticized. He then went on to play at The Nashville Palace as Randy Ray. In 1982, he released an independent album called Live at the Nashville Palace, which helped him get a contract with Warner Bros Records.

Randy Travis

Travis recorded roughly 20 albums and 50 singles over his career. In the mid-1980s, he rose to prominence with his album Storms of Life. In 1997, he left Warner Bros. Records to join DreamWorks Records, which was followed by Word Records. The 63-year-old actor has acted in a number of films and television episodes, including The Rainmaker, Black Dog, Texas Rangers, National Treasure 2, and others. He has received several honors, including CMA Awards, ACM Awards, AMA Awards, and GMA Dove Awards.

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