Randy Martin Passed Away At The Age Of 65

Randy Martin, a Texas Flip N Move celebrity, died on Wednesday, August 17, at the age of 65. Martin’s co-star Donna Snow said that he died of cancer at his home, next to his wife Judy. In May 2022, he was diagnosed with liver cancer. Martin’s death was revealed on his social media website and was subsequently shared by his Texas Flip N Move co-stars, the Snow Sisters. According to the statement:

“We are heartbroken by The Lone Wolf Randy Martin’s death this morning. Please keep his wife and family in your prayers as they go through this tough time. You will be sorely missed.”

Randy Martin was a regular on the DIY Network program Texas Flip N Move, where he was dubbed “The Lone Wolf” for his ability to get things done and make huge decisions on his own.

Everything We Know Need To Know About Randy Martin

Although little comprehensive information about Martin’s personal life is accessible, a video montage of photographs from his childhood published on his Facebook page revealed that Martin has always had a strong interest in houses. Texas Flip N Move fans adored him for his sense of humor and charm.

Randy Martin

In the program, he assisted numerous families in purchasing a home without exceeding their budget. Martin was a regular renovator as well as a prominent cast member during the 2017 season of the house-flipping show. Despite his popularity, Randy Martin did not have a Wikipedia page, therefore details regarding his work, educational background, date of birth, and parents are unknown. He could have wished to remain out of the spotlight. Martin is survived by his wife Judy, children, and grandkids.

Twitter users pay tribute

Martin was a well-known name among the general population, which explains why when word of his death spread, Twitter was swamped with tributes:

All About Texas Flip N Move

Texas Flip N Move began in November 2014 and ended in November 2019. The program, as the name implies, featured professional home renovators who bought old properties and then flipped them before selling them to customers. The renovators could only view the outside of the home at the initial auction, and the house was then relocated from its original position to the renovation site. The teams then creatively renovated the dwellings and auctioned them off.

Randy Martin

Each episode featured two groups acquiring a property for repairs and competing with other teams to achieve more earnings than the others. The show’s main cast also includes Bleu Pride, Donna Snow King and Toni Snow Barksdale, Myers Jackson, Casey Hester, and Catrina Kidd, Gary’s Girls, Paige and Raf., Gary and Jerry, Cody Biffel, Cody and Suzi Slay, H.D. “Daddy” Snow, and Steven Goode.

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