Rain And Kim Ha-neul Are Allegedly In Discussions To Feature In The Forthcoming Drama “She”

Rain, a South Korean actor and superstar, is allegedly in negotiations to co-star in the forthcoming romantic drama She alongside Kim Ha-neul. Rain’s agency RAINCOMPANY confirmed to JoyNews24 on December 26 that Rain has received an offer to feature as the lead in the forthcoming drama She and is now evaluating it. Meanwhile, Kim Ha-agency, neul’s IOK, issued a similar statement, stating that the actress has received the casting offer and is presently in negotiations to feature in it.

The drama tells the narrative of Oh Wan-soo, a lady who seems to have a beautiful marriage. However, she gives in to her feelings and falls in love with another guy, recognizing that this is the love that would complete her. Oh Wan-soo will be portrayed by Kim Ha-neul, while Seo Do-yoon will be portrayed by Rain.

The persona of Kim Ha-neul In the forthcoming drama “She”

Kim Ha-character neul’s Oh Wan-soo in the forthcoming action romantic drama She is a fundraiser who is in a blissful marriage until Seo Do-yoon enters her life. Oh Wan-soo discovers a new sort of love when she meets Seo Do-yoon and feels complete with him, something she has never felt before. Meanwhile, Rain will take on the role of Seo Do-yoon, a bodyguard. He enters Oh Wan-life soo’s with the intent of seeking retribution. However, while devising and carrying out his scheme, he ends up becoming Oh Wan-bodyguard.

Kim Ha-neul

Seo Do-yoon played the previous president’s bodyguard in the Blue House in the drama. He is invincible because of his great background, graduate degree from police university, and superb martial arts talents. Seo Do-yoon is also a fantastic marksman. Throughout the novel, Seo Do-yoon saves Oh Wan-soo from a life-or-death emergency and decides to become her bodyguard. Oh Wan-soo, who is married, finds herself captivated to and attracted to him as the drama progresses.

Park Hong-kyun will direct the forthcoming romance and action drama. He is most known for his work on Hwayugi, The Greatest Love, and The Great Queen Seon Deok. Meanwhile, the drama is written by renowned screenwriter Choi Yoon-jung, well known for her works such as Only Love, Three Sisters, and The Person I Love. It’ll be intriguing to watch the two senior performers share the same screen.

Rain and Kim Ha-neul are more than simply well-known actresses.

Kim Ha-neul, a well-known South Korean actress and model, has acted in several films and dramas. She rose to prominence after appearing in the 2000 film Ditto and the 2004 film Too Beautiful to Lie. She has acted in other plays since then, including 90 Days of Love, Romance, Stained Glass, Piano, A Gentleman’s Dignity, The Wind Blows, and On My Way to the Airport.

Jung Ji-hoon, alias Rain, on the other hand, has shown his aptitude in a variety of professions other than acting, including singing, dancing, and producing. The actress has also starred in American blockbusters such as Speed Racer and Ninja Assassin. Rain has since been featured in a number of dramas, including Diamond Lover, Please Come Back, Mister, Sketch, and many more.


Kim Ha-neul recently appeared in dramas such as 18 Again and Kill Heel, and she earned a lot of love and support from her fans. Meanwhile, Rain starred in the medical drama Ghost Doctor, where viewers adored his friendship with actor Kim Bum. If actresses Kim Ha-neul and Rain accept the role, the production team of the new drama She will begin shooting shortly, with the program premiering in 2023.

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