Puma Korea Is Under Fire After Allegations Of Maltreatment Of NCT 127’s Yuta

Puma Korea is being chastised by NCT 127 fans for allegedly mistreating Yuta. The 26-year-old heartthrob was left out of the K-Pop group’s picture shoot for the sports brand in Korea. The artist’s omission from the group’s advertising materials was deemed unwarranted, and Puma Korea was chastised for treating the artist unfairly. The withdrawal of Yuta from this promotional event has generated worries among NCTzens that NCT 127’s agency, SM Entertainment, often ignores the idol and fails to give him the credit he deserves.

Puma Korea was chastised for not including NCT 127’s Yuta in the group’s pictures.

NCTzens are furious with SM Entertainment and Puma Korea for omitting Nakamoto Yuta. Yuta got COVID-19 earlier this year, forcing him to miss numerous activities in the group. One such planned function that Yuta was unable to attend was a Puma photoshoot. However, after recuperating, the idol shot a solo shoot that was to be included in the ad. The photographs from the session were just released, and fans were disappointed to see that NCT 127’s Yuta was absent from all of the group shots, despite having individually posed for them.

NCT 127's Yuta

While the omission of the idol from the group photos seems to be a fair rationale, NCTzens are not convinced. They swiftly pointed out that Yuta was featured in the same photographs shared by Puma China. Puma China chose to digitally add Yuta to NCT group images rather than exclude the idol. This demonstrates that including the artist was totally viable, but Puma Korea opted to skip the bother.

Puma Korea is being accused of unprofessional conduct by enraged NCTzens. They are questioning the reasons for the removal of Yuta from the K-Pop powerhouse’s group photographs. NCTzens are outraged at what they believe to be unjust treatment, primarily since there seems to be a trend in Yuta’s disappearance from promotional material and critical appearances in the past.

NCT 127's Yuta

The NEO City – The Link performance at Japan’s Tokyo Dome was one significant group event that Yuta missed. This event enraged fans even more since Yuta is not only one of the most popular idols in Japan, but also the group’s sole Japanese artist. This might also be considered neglect because of his race.

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