Post Malone Gives The Kid Laroi a New Tattoo On His body

The Kid Laroi has added another tattoo. And while we can presume that all of them are significant to him, the most recent one is no less significant.

After all, he got his latest tattoo from Post Malone, the king of tattoos. LAROI Got His Latest Tattoo From Post Malone Kid LAROI shared a video on TikTok on March 12, 2022, showing off his tattoo and the famous artist. The video began with a hand cleaning ink off the fresh ink on his lower left thigh, with a song by Colter Wall playing in the background. The camera then pans to reveal Malone as the artist.


Cowboy With Clogs Is Laroi’s Newest tattoo, Done By Post Malone

He was caught on video making a face. Malone was naked, and all of his tattoos were visible in all of their splendor. The caption on the post by Kid LAROI hinted at what the ink was about. He wrote, “Cowboy with clogs boiiii!” and added a cowboy emoji at the end. The body art depicted a cowboy with clogs on his feet.

The Kid LAROI Video Reactions

While the new body art became significant in and of itself, it is unlikely that it received the same kind of attention as Malone. This is clear when we look at the comments area of the video.

His tattoos have elicited a wide range of emotions, all of which are largely positive. Malone, on the other hand, was the talk of the town. Specifically, his lack of a shirt.
Many individuals were making jokes about Malone’s looks, namely his pectoral muscles.

Some even defended Malone against the jokes, claiming that “This chunk of the comment area failed the vibe test. He appears to be in great shape! He is in good health.”

“Making fun of entirely normal anatomy isn’t humorous. He has a fantastic appearance “Another person added their two cents.

A few people expressed interest in being tattooed by the rapper and inquired as to how they might get an appointment with him.

The Tattoos of The Kid LAROI

LAROI is a tattooed kid that has a few tattoos on his body. In November 2021, he got his first tattoo. He paid tribute to his late buddy Saik with his first tattoo, a little facial tattoo on his upper left arm.

In January 2022, he received his second. A video of the rapper getting ink done immediately above his left hand’s index finger was shared on his fan page. In February 2022, the Kid LAROI gets his fourth tattoo immediately before his fifth with Post Malone.

He ultimately ditched his left-side body for his third one. His third was on the upper right side of his arm.
His fourth tattoo was completed just before Malone’s in February 2022. It was on his right thigh, close to where Malone had drawn his fifth. Kid LAROI has been getting a lot of tattoos recently. If he does, who knows what other famous figure he will use for his sixth?

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