Peter Weber And Kelly Flanagan Have Announced Their Relationship On Social Media

Fans are ecstatic when Bachelor Nation stars Peter Weber and Kelly Flanagan made their romance Instagram public. To everyone’s astonishment, Peter and Kelly, who restarted their relationship a few months earlier, came to social media to announce their engagement on October 14, 2022. Weber turned to Instagram to flaunt their connection, posting a photo of the two of them during a baseball game at Yankee Stadium in New York City.

Kelly was spooned in Peter’s arms, and the two of them were smiling at each other. Kelly was dressed in a gray coat and black boots, while Peter was dressed in a black suit and a Yankee hat. “Home Run,” the Bachelor Nation star captioned his shot. This is not the first time Peter and Kelly have been photographed together. The duo was seen together at a Chicago Cubs game in August of this year. Later that month, they were seen at a charity banquet hosted by Bachelor alum Tyler Cameron in remembrance of his late mother. A source from Bachelor Nation told E! that they restarted their romance in September and that “Kelly couldn’t deny their connection.” After splitting up in 2020, Peter and Kelly reconciled.

“It ended terribly horribly,” according to Kelly and Peter’s terrible separation in 2021.

Kelly and Peter’s relationship was in disarray in December 2020, and the pair ended up parting around Christmas that year. Kelly said on the Chicks in the Office podcast that she and ABC planned to make her split with Peter public in January 2021. Meanwhile, Peter wanted to stop their relationship before the new year arrived.

She stated:

“I told him not to do it on New Year’s, and he said, ‘Can you just give me a few days to notify people?’” I believe he had a plan to do something before the end of 2020. ‘Guys, try to drown it out with the premiere,’ ABC said. Do it the day before, and people will be more enthused about other things.’… He has to complete it by 2020.”

After a time, Kelly disclosed that Peter was attempting to rekindle their relationship. Kelly said on the Off the Vine podcast that the couple dated again for a short time following their divorce.

She revealed:

“He’s saying things like, ‘I love you, I want to get back with you.’”

After Valentine’s Day in February 2021, the pair had a sad break-up that terminated things for good.

Kelly stated:

“We enjoyed a fantastic Valentine’s Day.” And then there were more like small creatures… It didn’t end well.”

Peter Weber

She continued by saying:

“I basically blew off on him.” I eventually left New York and went to one of my girlfriend’s residences to spend out with her. He contacted me, I didn’t react, and then I found out some news that I didn’t like. We may still find each other on Find My Friends. I went off and basically yelled, “Get the hell out of my life.” It didn’t end well.”

Despite the devastating split, love triumphed once again when the iconic Bachelor Nation pair reconnected.

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