Peter Weber And Kelley Flanagan Are Dating Again After They Splitting Twice

After splitting up twice in the previous two years, The Bachelor alums Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan have stated that they are giving their romance another go. The pair started dating in April 2020, soon after his engagement to Hannah Ann Sluss ended, but they split up before the end of the year. They temporarily rejoined in early 2021 before breaking up the following month in February, on Valentine’s Day. The couple was sighted together in Chicago in August 2022, fueling reconciliation speculations.

Peter revealed his connection with Kelley in an interview with US Weekly, saying:

“We’re certainly keeping things a little more secret this time because we have the luxury that we didn’t have last time.” And it’s been really unforgettable. I believe we’re both enjoying how things have gone the second time around, and everything happens for a reason. And I can say I’m overjoyed.”

More about the connection between Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan

The couple met on Season 24 of The Bachelor, where Peter Weber played the main character. While their romance began well, it did not continue long, as he sent her home on the seventh week when things did not work out between them. Peter later became engaged to Hannah Ann, but broke up with her because he had affection for Madison Prewett at the time. He and Madison split up two days after the finale, and he was seen with Kelley in Chicago two weeks later. The two began dating in late April 2020, according to US Weekly, and Peter went Instagram official with her the following month. Over the following six months, the pair spent valuable time with one other’s families.

Peter Weber

Peter disclosed to the journal in December 2020 that they had split up and that they “operate on two separate frequencies, and one wasn’t better or worse than the other,” adding that several discrepancies arose after eight months of dating. Kelley stated on the Off The Vine podcast in March 2021 that the two had temporarily bonded but soon split ways for good.

“On my end, there were simply so many non-negotiables in the relationship that they were basically working on or claiming they were going to be worked on or altered, and actions speak louder than words.”

She went on:

“If I witnessed anything disrespectful in a relationship, I would speak up, and I was rather loud about it.” There wasn’t anything huge. It was enjoyable within the context of the relationship. It was fantastic, although there were a lot of little flaws.”

In August 2022, the couple was seen in Chicago together, where they attended Bachelor Nation events. On September 26, 2022, US Weekly revealed that Peter and Kelley were “fully back together.” In December 2022, the Bachelor pair held their first joint interview, in which they discussed their relationship. As Kelley fought Lyme illness, they walked their first formal red carpet return at the Global Lyme Alliance Gala in October 2022.

She informed the newspaper about her present situation:

“I’m OK; I’ve been feeling better recently.” I’ve had some slumps, but generally, I feel like I’ve been performing much better than last year.”

Peter Weber

Kelley also mentioned that she would not be spending the holidays with Peter since her 85-year-old father was suffering from serious health problems. She did, however, say that the erstwhile bachelor understood her circumstances and accepted her choice.

Kelley, on her part, discussed the relationship and stated:

“I’m content – I really am. We get along and communicate.”

Peter also remarked that their connection was different and better this time around than it was on the ABC program. He added that the program placed a lot of strain on him, and now that the intricacies are over, it is much more comfortable for the pair to explore their relationship.

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