Peter Moore- All About The Designer Of Air Jordan 1

Peter Moore is a real sneaker industry hero who was responsible for reforming both Nike and Adidas, died on Friday evening, April 30, 2022. Throughout his career, the designer of the highly prized Air Jordan 1 shoes and the distinctive Jumpman and Mountain Stripes emblem had an influence on the globe. The specifics of the memorial arrangements have yet to be revealed. Peter Moore’s family also sought privacy to absorb a tough moment, according to a family spokesman on Saturday. Many sneaker industry fans, friends, and business acquaintances spoke out in honor of the design great and his real legacy.

Who is Peter Moore? In honor of the shoe industry legend

Peter Moore is a creative brand marketer who attended the Chouinard Art Institute. By elevating his innovative concepts via sound marketing, the executive for sportswear and footwear behemoths Nike and Adidas made an everlasting impression.

Nike’s Jordan brand and Adidas paid tribute to the great in public declarations.


“We are extremely saddened by the death of Peter Moore, an iconic designer whose legacy is inextricably linked to Jordan Brand and the sneaker culture he helped to build. “We express our heartfelt condolences to the Moore family at this difficult time,” Howard “H” Moore said “White, Jordan brand vice president and lifelong industry veteran, made the announcement in a statement.

Peter Moore

D’Wayne Edwards, former creative director of Nike’s Jordan brand and founder of Pensole Lewis College, said in an interview with Insider,

“We lost an icon; there is no Jordan brand without him,” Edwards added. Peter Moore was best known for his Air Jordan 1, which debuted in 1985 via Michael Jordan and has since become a cultural icon in sneaker culture. Moore enriched the sneaker business even more by creating the label’s renowned Jumpman emblem and the original Wings logo.

Moore’s Nike colleague, Ron Dumas, stated in a statement to Insider.

“It’s as important to the culture now as it was then. It’s an incredible tale. When the shoe came out, it was revolutionary. Nike’s mindset was about that. That’s how you disrupt markets and stand out. I’m really glad to be a part of that,” Dumas said.


In an interview with Insider, Dumas recalled the tale further.

“In today’s era of developing your own brand, he simply left the work stand and allowed other people to make remarks on it. To me, it just seems genuine, honest, and natural. I respect that,” Dumas continued. While the Jordan brand has been a consistent success for Nike, it launched at a pivotal juncture in the company’s history. The firm began with the design in 1984 and through a two-year decline before signing Michael Jordan.

Peter Moore worked at his design firm until 1970 when he started working for Nike. Six years later, he was hired as the label’s first creative director. Peter Moore, who created iconic Nike commercial graphics in the 1980s, was recognized by Dumas for laying the groundwork for the brand. More was particularly well-known for his tenure as Adidas America’s design director, succeeding Strasser following his death in 1993. In the 1990s, Nike executive Rob Strasser created the Adidas Americas in Portland.

Peter Moore
Moore took over the North American business when Strasser died suddenly in 1993. Moore is still credited for revitalizing the brand by redesigning the Adidas Mountain emblem and launching the Adidas Equipment division.

Adidas said in a statement:

“The Adidas family is saddened by the death of our dear friend Peter Moore. Our hearts go out to Peter’s family, friends, and everyone who knew him. Peter was a true legend and icon in our industry, and it is impossible to overstate the impact he has had on Adidas. He will be greatly missed, and his legacy will live on forever,”


He has left an indelible mark on the brand and its design. Moore officially retired in 1998, yet he continued to work and create art. Although Michael Jordan’s connection is sometimes contentious, Moore is routinely credited for his involvement in securing the athlete’s gold standard endorsement agreement.

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