Pentagon’s Hui Will Appear As A Competitor On “Boys Planet”

On December 19, 2022, it was confirmed that Pentagon’s Hui would participate in Boys Planet, the Mnet idol reality program. Despite a stellar career as a K-pop star, it looks like he will be a competitor in the program, much to the astonishment of fans. Following the announcement, many were confused as to how Pentagon would go, why Hui is a contender rather than a judge or coach, and so on. The scenario has grown more confusing since Hui’s management business, Cube Entertainment has not supplied any information to either dispute or confirm the allegation, leaving fans perplexed.

The term “responsibility” refers to the act of determining whether or not a person is responsible for his or her own actions. Fans expected to hear about trainees and prior survival show competitors, but Hui’s announcement took them off unprepared.

Pentagon’s Hui appearing as a participant on Boys Planet gets fans bewildered on Twitter

Hui’s choice to join the Mnet reality program has raised many eyebrows, especially because Pentagon is back in action after a short absence due to military duty. Fans were expecting Pentagon’s reunion to result in a back-to-back schedule of concerts, variety programs, interviews, and so on, but Hui’s involvement in Boys Planet, the idol audition program, has them perplexed. Given his extensive experience as a K-pop star, some feel Pentagon’s Hui is qualified to participate in Boys Planet as a judge or coach. He is not only an active member of Pentagon but has also previously been a part of Triple H and the trot group Super Five under MBC’s Favorite Entertainment.

Pentagon's Hui

Fans have been unable to get their brains around the current news, despite his extensive experience and wide range of abilities demonstrated over his career. While it seems unjust for Hui to participate in a survival program after his success as a K-pop singer, many say it is also unfair to the other contestants, who may be burdened or scared by his presence.

Because of his established fan following, it’s obvious that the attention will be placed less on the other contestants who are unfamiliar to the viewers. Fans replied to the matter on Twitter with a mix of viewpoints in an attempt to convey their worries, making Pentagon’s Hui the talk of the town.

Hui is presently shooting the idol audition show.

Boys Planet, which is planned to launch in February 2023, is a survival program that will begin with 98 competitors and will end with the final members remaining following rounds of challenges and components. The program, similar to Girls Planet 999, which launched the female group Kep1er, is meant to capture the group’s development as they prepare for their debut. The program is presently being filmed by Hui.

Pentagon's Hui

Survival shows are well-known for bringing in well-known industry heavyweights as judges and mentors to support the contestants on their path. Therefore, fans consider that Pentagon’s Hui’s involvement as a judge or coach is more significant in contrast to that of a participant because survival programs are intended for novices and trainees who aspire to launch on their adventure as K-pop stars. Fans are waiting for a formal word from Cube Entertainment, which would either confirm or reject Pentagon’s Hui’s involvement as a contender on Boys’ Planet.

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