PENTAGON’s Hongseok Got Dismissed From The Military Service Early Due To Health Concerns

Hongseok, the heartthrob of the nonet K-Pop boy band PENTAGON, has been granted an early departure from required military duty owing to his poor health. CUBE Entertainment published a press release on December 26, 2022, announcing that the idol had been dismissed from the military owing to his deteriorating depression and panic problem. The message also apologized to all Hongseok supporters for the upsetting news.

Hongseok enlisted in the military In May 2022. According to a statement issued by his agency on April 1, the group’s 28-year-old heartthrob will begin his required military service in May. The press release also said that the location and time of enrollment will be kept private owing to the tight COVID-19 policy in effect at the time.

Hongseok of PENTAGON suffers from agoraphobia, according to CUBE Entertainment.

Hongseok, a well-known musician from K-Pop powerhouse PENTAGON, has been dismissed from the military after just eight months of service owing to his increasing mental health condition, which needs emergency medical treatment. Fans were notified of this through a press release that disclosed Hongseok’s military classification as well as the artist’s health status. According to the statement:

“Hello. Cube Entertainment is who we are. Hongseok, a PENTAGON member, was categorized for the Wartime Labor Service and was medically dismissed from the military.”

PENTAGON's Hongseok

Furthermore, according to the release, the idol may be suffering from melancholy and panic disorder, in addition to agoraphobia, which he has had since before his military duty began. It was stated:

“Hongseok has been undergoing constant therapy and counseling throughout his military duty owing to symptoms of depression and panic disorder with agoraphobia that he has been suffering from since before. However, when his symptoms deteriorated, the military determined that he could not maintain military life and therapy at the same time, thus he was medically dismissed.”

Finally, the message apologized to the fans and vowed to put the artist’s recuperation first:

“We regret raising anxiety as a result of the unexpected news, and we will continue to do our utmost to keep Hongseok focused on therapy.”

PENTAGON's Hongseok

More about PENTAGON

PENTAGON was released in 2016 by Cube Entertainment. The group’s nine members are Jinho, Hui, Hongseok, Shinwon, Yeo One, Yan An, Yuto, Kino, and Wooseok. Dawn’s resignation from the band and the record company on November 14, 2018, decreased the overall number of members to nine. After a two-year break, the group returned this year with their twelfth mini-album, IN:VITE U. IN:VITE U is a six-track collection that was published in January 2022.

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