Patrick Philbin Passed Away At The Age Of 59

Pat from Moonachie, also known as Patrick Philbin, died recently at the age of 59. He rose to prominence after appearing on the radio program Opie & Anthony. Opie & Anthony host Anthony Cumia paid tribute to Philbin on social media, saying he used to entertain everyone and was an important part of the show for a long time.

On Twitter, comedian Jim Norton expressed his sorrow:

“Pat from Moonachie was a legend and was responsible for some of the show’s most iconically funny moments.” Pat was hilarious in the truest sense of the term. Every time, in every situation, he went for a laugh. “Rest in peace, one of the greats.”

Friends and family members did not identify the reason for his death for Philbin. He used to update his fans on social media about his medical treatment, which included dialysis and cataract surgery, over the last few years. His leg had to be amputated, and he had to go through hydrotherapy afterward. When they learned of Philbin’s health problems, his fans launched a GoFundMe page with the goal of raising $20,000 last year. Although there have been reports that Philbin died of health problems, it is unknown if these were the same problems he had been dealing with for years.

Patrick Philbin

“Kind, polite, and humorous”: Twitter users pay homage

Philbin rose to prominence as a radio personality and competitive eater throughout the years. When word of his death spread, Twitter was flooded with tributes:

Philbin was well-known for his participation in eating contests and frequent appearances on Opie & Anthony.

Pat from Moonachie was a well-known eating contestant.

Philbin first appeared on Opie & Anthony in 1995 and continued to appear until 2014. When he accepted the challenge of drinking 75 shots of a beverage, he quickly became a fan favorite. He then competed in a Nathan’s Famous hot dog eating contest, finishing second by eating 26 hot dogs in ten minutes. In an interview with, he stated that when he first started cooking, he used to make hot dogs. He continued:

“You’ve got these young guys making it into an athletic event, but I don’t take it seriously.”

Patrick Philbin

Philbin’s Instagram activity was minimal, with only four posts and 801 followers. His most recent post was in November 2018, and it was a video of cats. He was active on Twitter, where his posts focused on the treatment he needed due to his health problems. Philbin is survived by family members, the identities of whom have not yet been revealed. Despite his celebrity, he did not have a Wikipedia page, so detailed information about his parents and educational background is unknown. He never discussed his personal life, so it is unknown whether he was married or dating someone.

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