Patrick Delany Is Facing Backlash After Making A Remark About Emilia Clarke

Foxtel CEO Patrick Delany drew fire for referring to Game of Thrones actress Emilia Clarke as a “short and dumpy chick” during a statement at the House of Dragons launch. According to Crikey, Delany made the controversial remarks ahead of the August 16 showing of the first episode of the highly anticipated prequel. He explained how he was late in viewing Game of Thrones, which was previously said to be the most-watched show on the planet.

“I was thinking, ‘What is this show with the short, dumpy girl going into the flames about?”

In Game of Thrones, Emilia Clarke portrayed Daenerys Targaryen. Delany mentioned the legendary sequence from season one that constituted a turning point for her character in his remarks. Merriam-Webster defines dumpy as “being short and stout in build.” According to the source, two guests to the event reported that the apparent jest was met with coldness by the executive’s words.

According to one attendee:

“It seemed like he was expecting us to laugh along with him, but everyone in the room was plainly taken aback.”

The other person stated:

“There was a little gasp.”

Emilia Clarke

Everything you need to know about Patrick Delany and his apologies after the remarks

Since 2018, Patrick Delany has served as the CEO of Foxtel, an Australian pay television provider. Delany began his legal career at the Australian law firm Gilbert & Tobin before joining Southern Star Entertainment in 1998 and relaunching many networks, including Channel [V] and The Weather Channel. In 2002, he was recruited as Foxtel’s digital director, and two years later, in 2005, he was promoted as the executive director of content, product, and delivery in the same wing. During his tenure, he pioneered various innovations, including Mobile Foxtel, Foxtel on Xbox, Foxtel IQ, and Foxtel’s partnership with Virgin America.

Patrick Delany, who took over as CEO after Peter Tonagh, has also supervised the launch of Kayo, Binge, and Flash. Patrick apologized on behalf of Foxtel after making the contentious remarks regarding Emilia Clarke at the House of Dragons launch in Sydney on August 16. According to the spokesman, the remark was “meant to be self-deprecating.”

Patrick Delany

The official statement went on to say:

“The goal was to express that, for him, ‘Game of Thrones was something extremely new for television in 2011, and that Emilia Clarke went from being very unknown to being one of the most recognized and most-loved performers in television and movies.” The Foxtel Group apologizes on Mr. Delany’s behalf if his statements were misconstrued and caused offense.”

Emilia Clarke has not been engaged in the new series’ current development since it is set almost two centuries before the Game of Thrones timeframe. House of Dragon focuses on the Targaryens, the dragon queen Daenerys’ forebears. The actress has yet to respond to Patrick Delany’s comments during the occasion.

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