Pastor Dies After Attempting 40-Day Fast Outlined In The Bible

Pastor Dies After Attempting 40-Day Fast Outlined In The Bible

A Mozambique pastor has ascended to the upper room after attempting to honor Jesus Christ with an extreme and dangerous fast.

Francisco Barajah of Manica was the founder of Santa Trindade Evangelical Church. The devoted Christian was attempting to fast for 40 days in accordance with Jesus Christ. According to the bible, specifically in the Books of Matthew and Luke, Jesus retreated to the wilderness and fasted for 40 days and 40 nights. None of the bible’s recollection of events detailed Jesus drinking during his fast.

Barajah refused both food and water in his act of faith. However, many do not believe the claims about him failing to drink, as it is much harder to go without water. Nevertheless, by the 25th day, he’d become sick, leaving loved ones concerned. However, it was the 38th that left his family pleading with him to seek medical attention. They began trying to feed him liquid food, but by then, Barajah was too far gone, unable to digest food. He’d undergone drastic weight loss and developed severe anemia, as well as extensive organ damage due to starvation.

The weakened man was eventually rushed to a hospital in Beira on Wednesday. By then, he was unable to stand, walk or bathe himself. Sadly, he passed away shortly after. Members of the Santa Trindade Church frequently fasted for religious reasons but never for such an extended period of time.

His brother, Marques Manuel Barajah, believes the pastor’s death was related to high blood pressure and not the fast.

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