Park So-Dam Discusses Filming Phantom Before Being Diagnosed With Thyroid Cancer

Park So-dam, well known for her roles in Parasite and Record of Youth, addressed about the challenges she faced while shooting Phantom. The film was shot in late 2021, just before the actress was diagnosed with papillary thyroid carcinoma. On January 16, 2023, the 31-year-old went for an interview with Newsen for Phantom. She spoke about the challenges she was having at the time and how she originally assumed she was burnt out. She was terrified to shoot and even sobbed, feeling sorry for the actors and crew. Soompi’s translation:

“I didn’t realize my body was in agony during the shooting. I assumed it was just burnout. It was the first time I was nervous about going on-site. I believe my body was giving me a signal, but I dismissed it as a mental problem. I felt very sorry for the director and my seniors. “I even sobbed after shooting because I felt sorry.”

Park So-dam, the Phantom actor, discusses her present health situation and the many methods she takes care of herself.

Park So-agency dam’s announced in December 2021 that she had been diagnosed with papillary thyroid carcinoma and had had surgery. It happened amid Special Delivery promotions, and the corporation said that the actress would not be taking part in them. Phantom, the next film, was one of the projects Park So-dam was working on when she was diagnosed. The actress said that she nearly lost her voice and that if the voice recordings had been completed a little later, she would not have been able to finish it. She elaborated:

“While waiting for my biopsy results, I completed my voice recordings for Phantom. I was in such horrible shape that I nearly lost the voice that if I had been even a few minutes late, I would have been unable to complete the recordings.”

Park So-Dam

She emphasized the beneficial things she gained from her terrible experience after coming out about her production struggles:

“I’ve regained my health and I feel glad these days that I can meet plenty of people and welcome them with my own voice. Despite progress, my skin has been a disaster owing to hormonal abnormalities.”

The Phantom actress went on to say:

“I’m finding my body’s flow by going to pilates five or six times a week. While my energy has not totally recovered, I can only think about how pleased I am compared to this time last year.”

Park So-dam, according to Chosun, also went on a month-long solo vacation for self-reflection. She visited Spain, Switzerland, London, and Iceland, and was delighted to discover that strangers knew her as the actress from Parasite and Record of Youth.

Park So-Dam

Phantom is an espionage thriller film set during Japan’s annexation of Korea in 1993. Yuriko, an ambitious and lovely secretary of the Government-political General’s affairs head, is played by Park So-dam. The film was released on January 18, 2018.

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