Park Joo-hyun’s Agency Has Denied The Rumors Of Her Dating NCT’s Tae-yong

Park Joo-hyun, who is presently starring in the K-drama The Forbidden Marriage, was romantically associated with NCT’s Tae-yong. To set the record straight, her company, 935 Entertainment, issued an exclusive statement refuting her romance rumors with the NCT member:

“Park Joo-hyun and Tae-yong of NCT are merely pals.”

The label also said that the two met via online gaming, but they had no romantic love for one other. NCT’s company, SM Entertainment, also confirmed to Donga that the two are “just friends,” putting an end to the rumor mill.

Saga of Park Joo-hyun/Tae-yong dating rumors

On January 12, many speculations surfaced online stating that NCT leader Tae-yong and actress Park Joo-hyun were dating. Many accused the two of being in a relationship since they often teamed up to play online games and the actress was observed watching NCT’s performance from a designated family cubicle. However, 935 Entertainment, Park Joo-company, hyun’s, and SM Entertainment, the male singer’s agency, have both refuted the reports.

NCT's Tae-yong

In addition, 935 Entertainment stated:

“Park Joo-hyun adores games as a pastime and is so fond of them that she uploaded a video on her YouTube channel on online games like League of Legends. She and NCT’s Tae-yong are just pals who like to play video games together. Park Joo-hyun is an extremely sociable person with an extroverted attitude, thus she has many friends and maintains a vast network.”

The majority of NCT fans did not believe the allegations for a variety of reasons, one of which being that the Kick It singer would not publish a photo of his girlfriend on social media. They were correct, it turns out. Under SM Entertainment, the male vocalist made his debut with NCT in 2016. He is also the group’s leader and a member of its subgroups, NCT U and NCT 127. In 2019, the K-pop star re-debuted in the supergroup SuperM, a collaboration between SM Entertainment and Capitol Records.

Park Joo-hyun

Park Joo-hyun, on the other hand, made her cinematic debut with The Dude in Me in 2019. She eventually went on to star in a number of dramas and films, including Extracurricular, Love All Play, Zombie Detective, Seoul Vibe, Silence, A Piece of Your Mind, Mouse, and others. She is presently starring with Kim Young-dae in the MBC drama The Forbidden Marriage as So-rang.

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