Osshun Gum A Korean Rapper Was Charged With Child Molestation

Osshun Gum, alias Choi Ha-min, a former High School Rapper finalist, has acknowledged the current child abuse allegations leveled against him. On April 27, the rapper appeared in court to face charges. The rapper rose to prominence following his appearance on the inaugural season of Mnet’s survival program, High School Rapper. He earned headlines after joining the K-rap agency Just Music.

Osshun Gum’s legal team cites the rapper’s mental instability as a contributing factor.

According to Osshun Gum’s lawyer during the trial, the rapper reportedly grabbed a kid’s rear, claiming that he intended to “pick and eat the excrement” of the youngster. The lawyer then produced Osshun Gum’s psychiatric diagnostic from June 2021, when the rapper was hospitalized in a mental facility for almost 70 days, as evidence of the rapper’s mentally disturbed status. Choi Ha-acts, min’s according to the lawyer, are the consequence of his poor mental and physical health.

Osshun Gum
According to the rapper’s legal team, his deteriorating mental health made it impossible for him to continue his music career, forcing him to return to his birthplace of Jeonju, Seoul. Even in his hometown, the rapper continued to exhibit odd conduct as a result of his mental condition, such as laying down on the streets naked and taking cabs to random locations. According to the legal team, the event involving the kid occurred in 2021 during a random trip to Busan’s Haeundae neighborhood. The artist has no further ties to the neighborhood.

The rapper expressed regret for his behavior, stating,

“I truly apologize once again for causing the victim and his family pain.” If you allow me a chance to heal, I’d want to contribute to society via the music I hope to create in the future.”

Osshun Gum

In a group chat, the rapper also apologized to his followers.

According to Korean media sources, Osshun Gum participated in a group chat on the day of the trial, which also comprised roughly 60 admirers. In the group conversation, the rapper acknowledged to being in court on child molestation allegations. He then apologized for “causing harm to the victim and the victim’s family,” claiming to be “unwell.” The DDING singer also said that he would pay his debts and continue to “get therapy” to ensure that this kind of incident “does not happen again.”


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