Olivia Culpo Discusses Her Connection With Her Sister Sophia Culpo After The Season Finale

Olivia Culpo recently spoke out about her relationship with her sister Sophia Culpo after the two women feuded in the season finale of The Culpo Sisters. Viewers watched Sophia’s indignation at how her sister’s celebrity had harmed her life. In reality, what began as a normal chat rapidly devolved into a furious dispute between the two sisters.

Olivia told out about her relationship with her sister Sophia in an interview with E! News, saying:

“We’re doing very well. We made a lot of progress simply by being transparent and honest about the difficulties. And I believe that the most essential thing to do is to just tell someone that you care about them so that they may understand where they’re coming from and continue to love them.”

The Culpo Sisters’ season finale included some difficult moments between sisters Olivia and Sophia.

The last two episodes of The Culpo Sisters included a lot of tension between sisters Olivia and Sophia Culpo, who were often seen arguing throughout the week. The feud began when the two went out with family members to celebrate their sister Aurora Culpo’s birthday. To commemorate Aurora’s birthday, the sisters had planned a boat party. Olivia discovered Sophia had taken her swimsuit before picking her up. She started an Instagram story for fun, capturing Sophia wearing her swimsuit and claiming that her sister had stolen it from her.

Olivia Culpo

Sophia was irritated by her sister’s attempt to make the narrative into something it wasn’t. She also attempted to explain her side of the story, claiming that she, too, had bought the identical bikini but that her package had vanished. Sophia felt irritated and branded her sister a “bully” when her sister insisted that the bikini was intended for her. Olivia and Aurora sought to make amends with a grieving Sophia during the boat party. Although the latter opted to ignore it since it was her sister’s birthday, the situation remained vexing. She stated:

“This is the kind of circumstance that I despise. Because I feel like I’m with the people who are meant to be the most supportive of you, and I feel terrible because my parents constantly side with Olivia.”

Sophia went on:

“There is nothing I can do to avoid the continual narrative that Olivia is this God-sent angel who has simply given me this great life that I deserve.”

A sudden chat regarding Sophia’s employment troubles also led to an incident over dinner in the last episode. When Olivia attempted to express her thoughts, they irritated the former, who broke down and said:

“Many of the consequences of your celebrity have harmed my life, confused it, and made it more difficult for me. Do you believe I should be forever grateful? I’m bitter about a lot of stuff because it screwed up my life in ways I wasn’t prepared for when I was 15.”

Olivia is happy for the opportunity to be in a reality program with her family.

The fashion blogger revealed further information about her confrontation with Sophia in an interview with E! News. After hearing Sophia’s confession in the closing episode, the Culpo Sisters star expressed sympathy. She stated:

“That was heartbreaking. It was terrible because I felt that it was something beyond my control and that I perfectly understood… It wounded my emotions since there was nothing I could do about it.”

Olivia Culpo

Despite the dramatic events that occurred in The Culpo Sisters, the actress said that she would not alter a thing. She stated:

“I’m really thankful for the program. I was thankful for the amount of quality time I spent with them.”

While TLC has yet to announce the second season, the debut chapter of The Culpo Sisters has gotten mixed reviews from fans. While some people enjoyed seeing the sisters on film and followed their trip faithfully, others did not like the program and vented their displeasure on social media.

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