Norman Thavaud Was Arrested In Paris On Assault Charges

Norman Thavaud, a French YouTuber with over 12 million subscribers, has been detained on suspicion of assault. The comedian was arrested on Monday, December 5, 2022, and will be questioned after suspicions of petty corruption and r*pe were leveled against him. The Paris prosecutor’s office initiated an investigation into the situation.

35-year-old Thavaud creates short-form comedic routines for the Norman fait des vidéos channel. He is one of France’s most popular content providers, with over 2.5 billion cumulative views. He seems to be dating Martha Gambet, another French celebrity.

Norman Thavaud “encouraged” a 16-year-old girl to send him improper texts and photographs.

According to the French newspaper Libération, Norman Thavaud, a prominent French YouTuber, has been arrested after preliminary investigations by Paris prosecutors. He is being investigated for the alleged corruption of multiple juveniles and r*pe of young girls and women, some of whom were his followers. Although allegations against him extend back to 2018, the first accusations against Norman Thavaud were filed in 2020.

Norman Thavaud

According to the allegations, the YouTuber “encouraged” a 16-year-old girl to send him indecent texts and photographs. The accuser is from Quebec, Canada, and she posted screenshots of their purported chat on her Instagram account. She said Thavaud used Snapchat to request photographs from her while she was still a juvenile. After submitting the lawsuit in the summer of 2020, she initially shared the footage on a website named Urbania. She said that her vulnerability and admiration lead her to fall for his “game.”

She stated:

“He was playing an unhealthy game of emotional connection. I was young, I idolized him, and I was easily duped. Our virtual connection swiftly devolved into a flirting.”

She claimed to have been in a virtual relationship with the French figure for nine months, but what began as benign flirtation quickly grew into a more adventurous conversation. Furthermore, his demands for photos became increasingly “consistent and demanding.”

She went on:

“From there, things became complicated, and he grew more pushy and demanding. He spoke the correct thing at the appropriate time; as soon as I stepped away, he caught up.”

According to the girl, it took her a long time to recognize that their “relationship” was poisonous and unhealthy. She went on to say that she was enamored by him and trusted all he said as she formed a trusting picture based on his online demeanor.

Norman Thavaud

Following her charges, 30 more women and girls reached her, having similar encounters with Norman Thavaud. Four other females were questioned in court alongside her, and it is claimed that all of them were r*ped. At the time, two of the females were minors. Thavaud is yet to make a statement.

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