NLE Choppa And Marissa Da’Nae Announced Their Breakup On Social Media

NLE Choppa and Marissa Da’Nae have ended their relationship. The two recently addressed their separation on social media. While the former looked to be handling the split well, the latter burst into tears in front of her fans.

On September 13, NLE Choppa announced his single status on Twitter. He continued:

“I’m a man enough to admit I’m not ready, and I need to grow.”

After NLE Choppa’s declaration went viral, his now ex-girlfriend, 26, came to Instagram to tell her fans that she was struggling with the split. While crying, the influencer stated that she had been seeing the 19-year-old for over a year. She hasn’t been able to eat or sleep well since their split. She continued, saying:

“A week ago, this was not my reality. I can’t tell you how difficult it is because I love so hard and I love harder and harder and harder every time, and this one hurts the most since I believed I was going to marry this guy.”

NLE Choppa, she said, was doing things for her that “grown a*s guys never done for me,” and she regarded him as “mature.” Da’Nae went to her Instagram story after addressing her fans in an Instagram live, telling them that she “wishes love and peace to everyone.” She further said that after going live on social media, netizens mocked her. The influencer concluded her narrative by stating she will “share my recovery path.”

Who is NLE Choppa’s ex-girlfriend?

Marissa Da’Nae is an Instagram influencer with over 863k followers. Her fashion and leisure material are her most well-known. She is the CEO of ‘Brazy But Rich Boutique’ and ‘Lavish Hair,’ in addition to updating her fans on her lavish existence. The Texas native also has her own YouTube channel, with over 28.1k followers. Her most recent video was posted just two weeks ago. Choppa, her now ex-boyfriend, also made an appearance. “Marissa’s Date Nights, Surprises, & Cooking Vegan Meal With Me Vlog” is the title of the video. The channel mostly serves as an extension of her lifestyle material. She has also posted cosmetic lessons and prank videos on her channel. Da’Nae has a net worth of $5 million, according to to Explore Networth.

NLE Choppa

NLE Choppa comes to YouTube to discuss his breakup.

After his ex-tearful girlfriend’s Livestream went viral, the Memphis native turned to YouTube in a 37-minute video titled “Clearing the Air” to address the matter. MLE Choppa declared in the same interview that he believed in polygamy, which contributed significantly to the couple’s dissolution. He began the video by saying:

“First and foremost, I accept full blame, full accountability, and complete responsibility for all of my acts.” He went on to call his relationship with Marissa DaNae “the finest” and that she was the “sweetest, nicest person.”

The Capo singer went on to say in the video that he didn’t want to spend his twenties with just one lady and that he didn’t want to be intimate with just one person. In the video, he also said that he did not believe in monogamous marriage. Da’Nae, according to the artist, was eager to support her boyfriend’s polygamous lifestyle. According to NLE Choppa:

“Marissa was willing to give up everything she thought she was going to get out of life.” She was with me in the hope that I would grow out of it. She was eager to do anything… her head and heart desired it, but her spirit… that was not what her soul desired.”

NLE Choppa

Da’Nae, according to the rapper, did not desire a polygamous relationship, which is why “he departed.” He closed the video by urging his viewers to “be kind to her heart,” since Da’Nae is going through a public split.

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