Nina Turner’s Presidential Campaign Ambitions For 2022

She intends to campaign in crucial presidential election states, promising to “spread this magic all throughout the nation and shake it that way, and baby, 2024 is coming.”

“I believe the vast state of California has something to say about what Sister Turner should do,” she said. “The vast state of Iowa has an opinion on what Sister Turner should do.” The magnificent state of Nevada has an opinion on what Sister Turner should do.”

She linked her ambitions to LeBron James’ choice to join the Los Angeles Lakers after leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers.

“LeBron James opted to take his abilities to South Beach, but Sister Turner is going to carry my skills all across this country,” she stated. “And I’m going to see some people in 2024.”

A number of political action groups (PACs) opposed Turner, including the Democratic Majority of Israel PAC and the Protect Our Future PAC. Last year, Turner famously blamed her defeat to Brown on “bad money.”

Nina Turner

Turner is a Democratic Party member. From 2006 to 2008, she served on the Cleveland City Council, and from 2008 to 2014, she served in the Ohio Senate. In 2014, she was the Democratic contender for Secretary of State in Ohio, however she was defeated in the general election by incumbent Jon Husted, earning 35.5 percent of the vote.

Nina Turner delivered a concession address following her defeat in Ohio.

Nina Turner (born December 7, 1967) is a progressive Democrat who hinted at a presidential candidacy in 2024 during a concession address after losing her quest to unseat Democratic Representative Shontel Brown on Tuesday. Brown won the 11th Congressional Special Election in Ohio with 66.3 percent of the vote.

Nina Turner

Speech and announcement by Nina Turner

Turner read most of her concession address from her phone, but at the conclusion, she said she would speak “extemporaneously” and stopped reading. “Sister Turner isn’t going anywhere,” she said as the audience clapped and roared.

Turner was referring to the late Rep. Shirley Chisholm, the first African-American woman elected to Congress.She alleged that the PAC funds were used against her “because they knew in the corridors of Congress that I would shake that sucker on behalf of the poor—the working poor—and the barely middle class.”

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