Nika Nikoubin Allegedly Stabbed A Guy Inside A Nevada Hotel Room As A Form Of Vengeance

According to officials, Nika Nikoubin, an Iranian lady, stabbed a guy inside a Nevada hotel room as previous vengeance. The 21-year-old is charged with attempted murder, assault, and burglary. Her bail has been set at $60,000 USD. Nicoubin and the guy she met on the online dating site Plenty of Fish decided to meet on March 5 at the Sunset Station Hotel and Casino in Henderson, Nevada. According to authorities in a community near Las Vegas, they leased a room together.

The victim drove her from her house to the hotel. According to the police report, Nicoubin took a shower before going to the lobby to buy orange juice to mix with the victim’s drink. After a few drinks, the duo began to become personal, and Nikoubin went on top of the victim, blindfolding him before turning out the lights. Several minutes later, the victim saw Nikoubin go for his nightstand and felt discomfort in his neck, according to the report. In reaction, the victim pushed Nikoubin and shouted, “What are you doing?” before fleeing the hotel room and calling the authorities.

Nika Nikoubin

Why did Nika Nikoubin stab the victim?

According to her Facebook page, Nika Nikoubin formerly worked as a front desk worker at Cycle Bar. She was a debate team member at the University of California, Los Angeles. According to a tweet from UCLA’s debate team in 2020, Nikoubin was a third-year student and her first year as a JV coach. Authorities reported that Nika Nikoubin stabbed her date in the neck “as retaliation for US forces murdering Qassem Soleimani in 2020.”

Nika Nikoubin

The expeditionary Quds Force was led by Iran’s senior general, whose role was to command the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps’ international activities. In 2017, he rose to notoriety as the commander of Shiite paramilitary troops in Iraq, combating the ISIS terrorist organization.  Authorities have not released any information on the victim, nor have they explained why the suspect targeted him. The military launched several operations, like the one that killed Soleimani from Creech Air Force Base, just north of Las Vegas.

An investigator said that “she desired retribution,” adding that Nicoubin had listened to a song called Grave Digger, which encouraged her to carry out her vendetta. The song’s creator is unknown. In a police report, Nicoubin said that she did not aim to murder the guy but rather to injure him. She was being detained on a $60,000 bond and will appear in court on March 24. Authorities say Nikoubin has no links to the Las Vegas community. The victim’s health remained unclear, but according to the police report, he was not brought to the hospital after the stabbing.

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