Nick Thompson Opened Up About His Divorce With Danielle Ruhl

Since filing for divorce in August, Love Is Blind’s Nick Thompson has addressed his breakup with ex-wife Danielle Ruhl publicly for the first time, stating he is sad and tried everything to preserve the relationship. In a long Instagram post, he described his feelings, writing:

“I am devastated that my marriage has ended.” In my heart, I know I tried my best and gave it all I had.”

Nick even stated that things were difficult after the divorce filing. He stated:

“Like many of us who have experienced a loss or a life-altering incident, we go through cycles of sorrow as we manage our emotions.”

The Love Is Blind reality star also spoke about his mental health, saying:

“I am overcoming emotions of worry and sadness by working through my own mental and emotional issues.”

Nick and Danielle met during Season 2 of Love Are Blind on Netflix. After a few episodes, the pair fell in love and were engaged. In the Love Is Blind conclusion, the former couple was one of two couples who married.

Nick Thompson and Danielle Ruhl’s relationship on Love Is Blind

Nick Thompson and Danielle Ruhl originally met on Season 2 of Love is Blind. After conversing through the pods, they became the first couple to become engaged. The pair got engaged after just 10 days of dating on the reality dating program. Danielle said before seeing Nick in person:

“I’m ready to marry him tomorrow.” Nothing is going to stand in my way of this.”

Nick Thompson

Nick was the first guy on the dating program to propose to his lady love. Danielle was overjoyed and accepted his proposal right away. She said at the time:

“How can I not be drawn to him given that I already feel like the happiest girl in the world?”

Despite the show’s disputes and conflicts, the ex-couple remained together till the conclusion. The couple married in an outdoor ceremony in front of friends and family. The newlyweds had a few snags after their wedding, but they stuck together and worked on their relationship via couples counseling. They were pleased with how treatment had improved their relationship. Only a few months ago, the couple celebrated their first anniversary. They had even planned to rekindle their vows only a few months before. In July, Danielle told Us Weekly:

“We really want to have a celebration for our two- or three-year anniversary so that all of our relatives can be present.” I’ve always fantasized about my ideal wedding, wedding preparation, and a bachelorette party. So we’re replacing everything… when we get the time.”

Nick Thompson


However, the former couple announced their divorce a few weeks later. The news of usually surprised admirers. Nick filed for divorce in June of last year, after marrying. It should be mentioned that season 2 was shot in the spring of 2021.

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