Nick Grimshaw Announced His Engagement With His Long-term Boyfriend Meshach

Nick Grimshaw’s wedding bells are ringing since he has just announced his engagement to his lover Meshach ‘Mesh’ Henry. In a beautiful Instagram image, the former BBC Radio One announcer and DJ showed off his gleaming gold engagement ring while standing on a beach with the setting sun in the backdrop. In the caption, he said that he had been proposed to and had accepted.

While Grimshaw, popularly known as ‘Grimmy,’ has been in the public eye for a long time as a TV and radio presenter, particularly for his BBC Radio One Breakfast program, Meshach ‘Mesh’ Henry is poorly known. Mesh, who is in his mid-twenties, is a professional dancer who reached the finals of the BBC Young Dancer Competition in 2015. Following the competition, he joined Rambert, an independent dance company. They’ve been together since 2018.

Everything you need to know about Nick Grimshaw and Meshach ‘Mesh’ Henry’s relationship

Let’s begin from the beginning, shall we? Meshach ‘Mesh’ Henry and Nick Grimshaw met in 2018 after the former transferred from the Breakfast program to the Drivetime show. The new schedule allowed him to devote more time to maintaining a solid love life. According to The Daily Mail, the pair was first sighted visiting Soho Farmhouse in Oxfordshire in October 2018.

Nick Grimshaw

According to sources close to the pair, the couple was quite happy early on in their relationship. And their joy drove them to take the next step in their relationship when Grimmy asked Mesh to move in with him in 2019. In North London, the pair started living together. According to sources close to Grimshaw, the couple was quite happy living together.

“They were spending all of their time together, with Mesh often sleeping over, so moving in together made perfect sense.” “Nick [Grimshaw] invited him [Mesh] to live with him, and everything has gone incredibly well,” the insider said. “Because their occupations aren’t conventional nine-to-fives, they get to spend a lot of time together throughout the week.”

Mesh proposed to Grimmy after three years of living together. “And in gay news, this evening… was proposed to, obviously said yes,” Nick gushed on Instagram. The penultimate photograph on his post, after a series of shots of him showing off his ring, showed the newly engaged pair posing for photos in a photo booth.

Nick Grimshaw

As soon as word of the proposal spread, several of the couple’s pals went to Instagram to express their congratulations. Messages of congratulations poured in from all around, with Rita Ora, Dua Lipa, and Clara Amfo remarking, “Bring on the wedding of the century.” While additional specifics regarding the proposal have not been made public, Nick Grimshaw’s followers are eagerly awaiting word on when the pair intends to marry.

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