Nicholas Lodge Passed Away At The Age Of 60

Nicholas Lodge, a well-known cake designer, and pastry chef died on Wednesday, August 10, at the age of 60. Dawn Butler, nicknamed Dinkydoodle, a fellow cake designer from the UK, confirmed his death through a Facebook post. Lodge’s family and acquaintances have not yet disclosed the cause of death.

Nicholas Lodge Legacy

Chef Nicholas Lodge’s work was known worldwide, and he was regarded as one of the most outstanding cake artists. Lodge has been a pastry-making pioneer for almost 35 years. Lodge is well-known in the sugar art community for his DVD lessons, books, and other training programs. His official webpage states:

“The realm of sugar art has exposed him to kings and celebrities and has taken him all around the world.”

Lodge allegedly began creating cakes and preparing pastries in the early 1970s. He allegedly created his first cake at the age of ten for his parent’s wedding anniversary. After completing his education, he went to work as a cake designer at a neighborhood bakery for a decade. In his early twenties, the cake chef began teaching at Mary Ford’s Cake Artistry Academy in Bournemouth. He was part of the crew that made cakes for the Royal family at the time.

Nicholas Lodge

According to his website’s claims:

“Nicholas and a team of decorators were hired to work on projects for the British royal family and other celebrities. This featured, most memorably, one of the official wedding cakes for Lady Diana and Prince Charles in 1981. While the Prince and Princess of Wales were touring Tokyo, Japan, Nicholas recreated this royal wedding cake.”

The website also notes his participation in other royal events:

“Nicholas was also commissioned to design cakes for the Queen Mother’s 80th birthday and Prince Harry’s baptism.”

Nicholas Lodge published his first cookbook, Cakes, and Pastries, in the mid-1980s. Six years later, in 1991, Lodge relocated to the United States, where he is claimed to have resided until his death. Within a year of his transfer, Lodge and his business partner, Scott Ewing, co-founded The International Sugar Art Collection (ISAC) and The International School of Sugar and Confectionary Arts, which focused on sugar art education as well as the production of cake and pastry-making instruments.

Nicholas Lodge

Lodge was honored in the International Cake Exploration Society (ICES) Hall of Fame decades before his death. In 2010, he was named one of Dessert Professional’s Top 10 Cake Artists and Top 10 Pastry Chefs.

Netizens react to the death of pastry chef Nicholas Lodge.

Following news of his death, many admirers expressed their sympathies. What they had to say was as follows:

On August 10, hundreds of tweets paid respect to the late pastry chef and recognized his contribution to the cake-making profession.

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