Netizens Support Mads Lewis As She Responds To Tayler Holder Charges

The Tayler Holder saga does not seem to be coming to an end, as TikToker Mads Lewis has made some new findings and charges against him. After many began to believe Mads Lewis was a victim of Tayler’s “s*x**l assault,” she finally addressed the charges. Lewis discussed the charges on a recent edition of the podcast BFFs with Dave Portnoy, Josh Richards, and Bri Chickenfry. Fans have been rallying around Mads Lewis since the podcast’s debut on YouTube. One commenter also begged Mads’ return, saying:

“Return Mads to the podcast next week!” She must tell her tale!”

Netizens rally to Mads Lewis’s defense when she spoke out about the Tayler Holder charges.

During the episode, Mads discussed Charly Jordan, the influencer who has had an on-again, off-again relationship with Tayler. Mads voiced her bewilderment over Jordan reuniting with Holder after what transpired last year. Mads Lewis also implied that she was a victim of Holder’s s*x**l assault and claimed that she thinks all of Tayler’s accusations are accurate. She stated:

“I’ll simply say that if I say anything on social media, I’m stating the truth.”

Mads Lewis

When Portnoy inquired whether this meant that all of her charges against Holder were true, Lewis said, “absolutely.” She also said that Holder had not sent her a “stop and desist” letter. Mads observed:

“Furthermore, when there is just one individual and there are ‘victims,’ you cannot email or text the victim a stop and desist. You are not permitted to do so. So I’m simply stating that I didn’t get a stop and desist letter.”

Fans began supporting Lewis on social media as soon as the program aired. Some speculated that she was one of the influencers attacked by Tayler Holder, and one Twitter user wrote:

“I was referring to Mads Lewis, but something did happen to her, and she essentially told us that Tayler Holder SA’d her.”

At the same time, the podcast’s YouTube comment area is full of love and support for Mads. Tayler Holder has already faced significant reactions as a result of several charges leveled against him. The matter was exacerbated when Daniel Keemstar, the presenter of YouTube’s Drama Alert, said that sources had made “horrendous” charges against Holder.

Tayler Holder

He stated:

“According to a reliable source, Tayler Holder will face severe claims from numerous alleged victims.” The #DramaAlert team is currently gathering information. Normally, I would not tweet this much at this point. However, Taylor admitted that claims were made against BFFs.”

Although Tayler said on an episode of the BFFs podcast that he is dealing with the situation offline, he did not reject any of the charges.

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