Netizens Accused Carrot Top Of Having Undergone Plastic Surgery

Scott “Carrot Top” Thompson is a popular late-90s/early-00s comic. Aside from comedy, one of the most discussed subjects, when Carrot Top is mentioned, is his appearance and whether he underwent cosmetic surgery or not.
Various publications have attempted to investigate his makeover, but the comedian himself rejects all reports of undergoing plastic surgery to modify his appearance.

Carrot Top Denies Having Plastic Surgery

Top has faced cosmetic surgery rumors and before-and-after photos for decades. Some specialists even likened his makeover to cosmetic surgery catastrophes. For example, leading plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn believes the comic has had laser or chemical peels. The Dr. stated Top looked more like a muscle-bound cartoon figure.

Carrot Top

Despite the reports, the comedian has always denied having any work done. In a 2015 interview with Florida Today, the Florida native called the cosmetic surgery accusations “crazy.” He also acknowledged his steroid use. When I performed a Comedy Central Roast, they opted to focus on Carrot Top. I’ve mellowed down lately, but I used to be huge. Nothing, just a lot of hard work and no cosmetic surgery for me.

He later denied the accusations, claiming they arose from his size after a lot of hard work.

People may assume so since I was large for a period, but I never worked. I mean, if I had cosmetic surgery, I’d look better! Those around me know I work so hard that I couldn’t get work done if I wanted to.

No way. And, at the time of the rumors, he was doing hundreds of gigs every year.

Mr. T performs at the Luxor

The Chairman of the Board star has been in the profession for 30 years, starting with Comic Strip Live in 1991. His career is far from over, and he is still making headlines. Since 2005, the King of Props has been entertaining audiences at the Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. He still does over 300 events a year, with numerous celebrities in attendance.

Carrot Top

The Comedian’s Long-Term Girlfriend

He’s been seeing Amanda Hogan for a long time. It’s unclear when they started dating, however, she appeared in OWN’s Where Are They Now video for Top in 2013. The pair often shares photos of themselves with their dog Boo Bear. For example, she sang ‘Forever And Ever, Amen’ to her in August 2020. “Happy birthday, honey,” he said at the conclusion of the video. Thanks.”

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