NCT DREAM’s Dome Concert Was Cancelled After The Member Was Tested for COVID Positive

After Renjun tested positive for COVID on July 27, SM Entertainment canceled NCT DREAM’s Dome event THE DREAM SHOW 2: IN A DREAM. It was a three-night sold-out event at Seoul’s Gocheok Sky Dome. The arrival of Renjun comes only two days after another member, Mark, tested positive for the virus. Initially, the agency opted to continue the show without him. However, it has now been completely scrapped. According to the agency, Renjun received all three doses of the vaccination. The message also said that, despite the staff and members’ best efforts to put on a wonderful concert, the “unavoidable choice” had to be taken. The show’s tickets will also be fully refunded.

Renjun of NCT DREAM is the latest member to sign with COVID, and the agency has canceled Dome shows.

Renjun, 22, is the most recent NCT DREAM member to test positive for COVID. On July 27, the singer got “strange symptoms” and promptly utilized a self-test kit. He underwent PCR testing after obtaining a positive result. The outcomes were the same. As a result, the idol instantly ceased his actions. He is now quarantined.


The agency noted in a statement announcing the cancellation:

“Despite the fact that all of the NCT DREAM members and staff worked hard to prepare a concert that would live up to the expectations of the fans who had been waiting for this concert, we regretfully came to the unavoidable conclusion that we would not be able to put on the best possible concert within the current situation, so we ask for fans’ deep and generous understanding.”

Renjun is the latest in a long line of K-pop celebrities to cancel or postpone performances after acquiring the illness. While Zico postponed his return promotions, Yuta from NCT 127 had to miss Singapore’s concert, ENHYPEN’s Jay, Jake, and Heeseung, Cosmic Girls’ Exy and Yeoreum, and others were recently diagnosed with COVID. SM Entertainment has canceled the group’s scheduled Dome performance due to obvious health issues. THE DREAM SHOW 2: IN A DREAM was a three-night event held at the Gocheok Sky Dome from July 29 to July 31.


Fans cry and offer heartfelt notes to Renjun and Mark.

The now-canceled Dome tour was very important to NCT DREAM. It was the band’s first solo performance in South Korea in over three years. Furthermore, it would have been the group’s debut performance with all seven members. The group’s most recent concert, which was also their first, took place in 2019 with six members. Mark had left the organization in January of that year. Mark’s debut concert with NCT DREAM would have been on the Dome tour.

Fans were naturally upset as a result of multiple mishaps and the show being canceled. On social media, everyone wished both members a swift recovery and hoped they wouldn’t blame themselves. They also made it clear that they would patiently await their return. Furthermore, they may still be able to play at the Seoul Festa 2022 next month. Meanwhile, NCT DREAM just announced the repackaged album Beatbox, which will be released on May 30, 2022.

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