Naruto’s Ten Akatsuki Members, From Youngest To Oldest

Since the Ginyu Force in Dragon Ball Z and the Zeon Principality in Mobile Suit Gundam, Akatsuki in Naruto was one of the most formidable team threats. Each member had their own special talents, abilities, and attitudes, but they all had the same aim in mind: to seal the Tailed Beasts and make the world a better place.

But they were all duped since the group was a cover for Madara and Obito Uchiha’s ambitions. The ancient Black Zetsu, who sought to resurrect his mother, Kaguya Otsutsuki, also tricked the two Uchiha.

From the aforementioned elderly Black Zetsu to younger and fresher looks like the clay explosives specialist Deidara, Akatsuki had a diverse set of members. In Naruto, there are ten Akatsuki members, listed from youngest to oldest. This article includes Naruto and Naruto Shippuden spoilers. If no concrete age can be determined, relative ages will be given.

Note 2: Due to a large number of members in Akatsuki, only the staple members are listed; affiliates or transitory allies such as Sasuke or Orochimaru are not counted. Ten members of Naruto’s Akatsuki sorted from youngest to oldest.

10) 15-year-old Yahiko

When Yahiko was alive, he was comparable to Naruto Uzumaki, the youngest Akatsuki member and original founder with Konan and Nagato. Yahiko, like Naruto, was hell-bent on becoming the Hidden Rain Village’s leader. Yahiko, unlike Naruto, believed in the Social Darwinist ideas of “Survival of the Fittest” and “Eye for an Eye.”

Moreover, Yahiko was regarded as the group’s charismatic commander, and he began assembling the first Akatsuki as a peacekeeping operation. With Akatsuki’s help, Yahiko wanted to make the world a better place by using his talents of fire, water, and wind release.

Unfortunately, it didn’t last long, as Yahiko committed suicide to save Nagato from having to choose between killing him or Konan when the dictator Hanzo of the Hidden Rain compelled him to do so.

Nagato believed the world was beyond redemption after Yahiko’s death. Yahiko’s body would become the Deva Path of Pain, the primary vehicle via which Pain’s words would be delivered.

9) Deidara

This explosion-loving artist originates from the Hidden Stone Village and is technically the youngest member of Akatsuki. After taking one of his clan’s kinjustus, Deidara departed his town, allowing him to knead chakra into objects with mouths in his palms. Following the assassination of his pursuers, he discovered art in a single instant (art that only exists for a split second) and generally caused havoc as a bomber on numerous militants throughout various nations.

His cruel arsonist mentality would always come out in a fight, despite his calm and easygoing demeanor. He devoted himself to his exploding art, bragging about it to everybody who would listen.

Deidara’s recruitment was unusual because he lost his proving duel to Itachi’s Sharingan. He never forgot Itachi’s Sharingan and sought to fight Genjutsu by attempting to make C4.

Gaara was finally captured by Deidara and Sasori, but not before Deidara lost his left arm to Gaara’s sand. Trying to battle Team 7 and Team Guy didn’t work out either, as Kakashi’s Kamui severed his left arm, forcing him to be fake his death with a clone bomb.

He was frighteningly clever, mainly deceiving opponents and employing his clay in subtle ways, such as placing it in Gaara’s gourd or trapping Sasuke between a dragon and explosives. Unfortunately, it frequently took a back place to his art, which led to his death in Naruto Shippuden versus Sasuke.

8) Itachi Uchiha

Itachi Uchiha has accomplished a lot in his short life, from slaughtering the Uchiha Clan to joining the Akatsuki and foiling Kabuto and Orochimaru’s plans. This post will be devoted solely to his Akatsuki days.

He was first paired up with Juzo Biwa after joining Akatsuki. The team was assigned a task in the Land of Water, where they had to fight Yagura, the Three-Tails Jinchuriki. Juzo was killed as Itachi was defeating Yagura.

After Orochimaru attempted to seize Itachi’s body, Itachi fought back. Soon after, he was teamed up with the shark-like Kisame Hoshigaki, and Itachi played a key role in the recruitment of Hidan and Deidara.

At one time, the older Uchiha was diagnosed with a fatal disease and was resolved to die by Sasuke’s hand. He tried, but his intentions for Sasuke failed. When he was restored, he told Sasuke all he knew about the Uchiha Clan and that the older Uchiha informed him that he loved him no matter what.

Naruto maintained his promise when Itachi entrusted him with keeping Sasuke on the correct track.

7) Hidan (age 22):

Hidan is a lost ninja from the Hidden Steam Village and one-half of the appropriately called “Zombie Combo” alongside Kakuzu. He killed his neighbors and joined the cult-like Jashin after going to the fittingly called Valley of Hell and being enraged that his town had become a tourist attraction. As a result, he obtained immortality.

His adversaries were taken aback by his harsh and masochistic demeanor, as he could not die and could survive potentially lethal wounds. Hidan’s ultimate technique, possessing people by consuming their blood, may connect the two, making Hidan’s wounds his opponent’s. Asuma Sarutobi was slain as a result of this, and he was blasted to bits by Shikamaru Nara and buried beneath a cave.

While he may still be alive, he was last spotted withering slowly from a lack of food.

6) Obito Uchiha (31)

When Rin was slain and masqueraded as Madara, Obito Uchiha was buried under debris and barely lived. He traveled around as Tobi for a long period after the Akatsuki was created, until he stole leadership from Pain and slayed Konan.

Murder, betrayal, and whatever else he needed to do to carry out the Moon’s Eye plot, he’d do it. This resulted in his plot to use Kurama to destroy the Leaf by forcibly extracting him from Kushina. He also attempted to murder Naruto but failed due to his miscalculation of Minato and Kushina’s powers. He took part in the killing of the Uchiha clan and recruited Itachi.

Because of Zetsu’s chakra reserve upgrades, his Sharingan and Rinnegan, and Madara’s ninjutsu lessons, his talents were incredibly potent. By becoming the Ten-Tails Jinchuriki, he battled the Third, Fourth, and Second Hokage to a draw.

Obito was finally persuaded to help the Shinobi allies, and he sacrificed himself to save Kakashi, Sasuke, and Naruto from Kaguya. Obito was finally able to join Rin in the afterlife when his spell of hatred was lifted.

5) Kisame Hoshigaki (32 Years)

The Shark-Looking After executing his mentor Fuguki after he discovered he was selling knowledge to neighboring villages, Kisame Hoshigaki became disillusioned with the world. The “World of Truth” in Moon’s Eye’s concept, Kisame reasoned, was ideal. He and Itachi had a rocky relationship initially, but they finally teamed up to catch Naruto.

Kisame enjoys fighting, displaying a desire to mutilate, and using very violent water methods such as fast-moving sharks and massive amounts of water. Samehada, his blade, could absorb and devour chakra. He also melded with it, becoming a full-fledged shark. He also possessed incredible physical strength, which he used to defeat Asuma and even Guy.

In the end, none of this helped him. Might Guy defeated Kisame, and the shark man killed himself to escape being interrogated by having his sharks engulf him.

4) Sasori (35 Years)

During his tenure with Akatsuki, the sadistic former sand puppet master Sasori was associated with Orochimaru and then Deidara. He was known for making human puppets to help him cope with his loneliness, which he had felt from infancy.

Sasori also murdered the Third Kazekage and turned his body into a puppet. He was inducted into Akatsuki after a brawl with Konan, which he lost and then joined up.

Sasori’s puppetry was cruel, nihilistic, and impatient, and he summoned well over 200 puppets to try to kill Sakura and Chiyo. Sasori could manipulate real humans as puppets and was a genuine puppet master at vast ranges because of his chakra thread mastery. Blades, flamethrowers, poison spitters, and so forth were among the weapons used by the puppets. With them all, he even brought down a small nation!

Despite all of this, as well as a significant intellectual capacity, Chiyo and Sakura killed him. After being resurrected, he was slain and contained by Kankuro and Sai. In exchange, he gave Kankuro puppets of his mother and father to be passed down to future generations.

3) Konan and Nagato (35 Years)

At the time of Naruto Shippuden, Konan and Nagato were the only remaining members of the original Akatsuki. Yahiko died at that moment, and Nagato lost the use of his legs.

They were both essential in the formation of Akatsuki. While Nagato was in charge, Konan kept an eye on the members and preserved the peace. She blindly followed Nagato’s commands and saw through Tobi’s orders to kidnap Kurama for the suicide mission that it was.

Nagato had the Six Paths of Pain, which he used to defeat opponents like Jiraya and even outlive Kazuku, while Konan used her paper ninjutsu to nearly killing Obito by opening up into the lake of the Hidden Rain and detonating over 600 billion explosive tags.

They transformed the globe and then some, and they deserved better than to be cast aside by a villain with a larger vision.

2) Kazuku (91 Years)

Kakuzu, the other half of the “Zombie Combo” alongside Hidan, was a monster even more so than Hidan.

After being caught trying to kill the First Hokage, Kazuku slayed his village elders after they severely chastised him and stole their hearts. Sasori cobbled together masks and organs to power himself like a weird Frankenstein Monster of pieces. He was capable of intercepting Kakashi and easily catching Choji’s strengthened arms. He could even rip his body apart with huge threads to attack an adversary in the guise of a giant octopus, shattering rocks with the intensity of his attacks.

When Naruto and the Asuma squad battled Kazuku, he possessed at least five hearts, requiring him to be slain at least five times before actually dying. Because his masks had multiple chakra natures sewn into them, he could also emit fire, wind, lightning, and water.

He was also a thief, stealing money from bounties and side jobs to supplement his income. Hidan despised Kazuku, and Kazuku despised Hidan. Kazuku’s wrath eventually killed him, as he attempted to murder Naruto Uzumaki and had his final heart broken by a Rasenshuriken before being slain by Kakashi’s Lightning Blade.

1) Zetsu (Ancient Zetsu):

Because he’s not totally human, the ancient Zetsu is considerably older than everyone else; he was a manufactured human made by Kaguya before the events of Naruto to fulfill her wishes. As a result, he has twisted everything from the start.

Zetsu was there like Reverse Flash of DC, influencing Indra all the way to the end, altering the Uchiha stone tablet and having Madara battle the First Hokage, and even changing the Uchiha stone tablet and making Madara fight the First Hokage. It has intangibility and wood release and is long enough to avoid being bisected.

Furthermore, it maintained a polite, appealing demeanor throughout, always keeping potential partners in the dark. It was all for Kaguya, and she would be the one to cement the deal. All that manipulation, pain, and bloodshed just to end up sealed forever.

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