Naomi Irion A 18 Year Old Girl Was Found Dead In Churchill County

Naomi Irion, an 18-year-old missing Nevada girl, was discovered dead in Churchill County earlier this week. The adolescent was allegedly kidnapped from a Walmart parking lot in Fernley more than two weeks ago. The Churchill County Sheriff’s Office got a tip regarding Irion on Tuesday, which led them to a probable remote ‘gravesite’ in the middle of steep mountains, approximately 150 miles from where she was taken. Investigators also uncovered human remains in the cemetery, which were later determined to be Irion’s following an examination by Washoe County medical examiners.

“An adult Caucasian female’s corpse was retrieved from that burial location, and the body was transferred to the Washoe County Medical Examiner’s Office for an autopsy and confirmation of identification.” The remains were determined to be those of Naomi Irion on March 30, 2022, and the family was contacted.”

Naomi Irion

In an official statement, officials also expressed their sorrow and compassion for Irion’s family:

“We would like to express our sympathies to the Irion family and appreciate all of the volunteers for their efforts in locating Naomi and bringing closure to the family.”


Troy Driver, 41, was arrested in connection with Naomi Irion’s abduction prior to the terrible finding. He is now being jailed on a bail of $750,000. Due to the “open and ongoing” nature of the inquiry, authorities would not give any further information concerning Irion’s death. Naomi Irion was discovered dead in Churchill County following a roughly 17-day search. Driver’s participation in the case will be decided next Tuesday, according to Justice of the Peace Lori Matheus, who also indicated that the preliminary hearing would be held on April 12.

Churchill County’s location

Churchill County is a county in Nevada that is part of the Fallon, NV Micropolitan Statistical Area. Fort Churchill County was established in 1861 and was named for Mexican-American war hero Brigadier General Sylvester Churchill. According to the 2010 census, the county has a population of 24,877 people. The county seat is now located in the city of Fallon. Churchill County has a total size of 5,024 square miles and is dominated by a steep mountain range with lakes and ponds.

Naomi Irion

What happened to Naomi Irion?

Naomi Irion was allegedly kidnapped from a Walmart parking lot in Fernley, Nevada, on March 12. She was last seen at the venue at 5:00 a.m., waiting for a shuttle to take her to her employment at a neighboring Panasonic store. A hooded guy approached Irion’s vehicle and took the driver’s seat before driving away from the event, according to chilling CCTV video from the parking lot. The adolescent was reported missing after failing to arrive at work and failing to return home. Irion’s 1992 Mercury Sable was eventually located in an industrial area near Fernley, sparking a massive search throughout the region. Tony Driver, 41, was recognized as the culprit in the surveillance footage and jailed on first-degree abduction charges. Driver is also a convicted criminal who served 12 years in a California state prison for his role in the 1997 murder of 19-year-old methamphetamine dealer Paul Steven Rodriguez.


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