Musa Yamak Passed Away While He Was In A Boxing Match

Musa Yamak, another boxing legend, has died. On May 15, the unbeaten boxer died during a fight after suffering a heart attack and collapsing on the mat. He was 38 years old when he died. Musa was in the midst of a battle with Hamza Wandera in Germany when the event occurred. He allegedly suffered one last punch from Wandera in the second round and tripped and fell to the ground when coming out of his corner for the third round. Trainers and medical staff raced to his aid, and he was taken to a nearby hospital, where he died of a heart attack. According to a spokeswoman for the Munich police,

“On arrival, the paramedics saw tumultuous scenes of emotionally agitated fans and family members.” We sent many patrols to secure the safety of the paramedics. We then established a safety corridor on-site so that the paramedics could perform safely and conscientiously.”

Musa Yamak

Turkish official Hasan Turan expressed his sorrow in a social media post, writing,

“I pray for God’s compassion on the departed… My heartfelt sympathies to his bereaved family and fans.”

All About Musa Yamak

Musa Yamak was born in Alucra, Giresun, Turkey in 1986. On October 13, 2017, he made his boxing debut and went undefeated in 75 expert matches. He subsequently switched to the Asia-Europe light-heavyweight boxing championship, holding both the WBF and GBU crowns. During the 2019 fight in Istanbul, he became the European champion.

Musa Yamak

He lived in Munich, Bavaria, Germany, and his weight was believed to be approximately 84 kg. Despite his popularity, Yamak did not have a Wikipedia page, therefore facts about his family, job, and educational history are unknown. Yamak died of a heart attack following his match against Hamza Wandera on Saturday, May 14. When word of his death spread, social media was inundated with condolences.

His net worth was estimated to be approximately $2 million due to the riches he amassed throughout his boxing career. He didn’t use any social media networks. Musa’s personal life has not yet been revealed in any detail.

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