Mr. Bigglesworth, the Hairless Bunny, Was Saved From Euthanasia and Now Has His Own Instagram Account

Cassandra Hall of Victoria, Australia, saw a local breeder advertise young rabbits on Facebook and noticed one thing right away. “Hairless not for sale,” read a statement beneath one of the photographs.

Despite the fact that she already had a rabbit, she contacted the breeder. Cassandra requested more images of the hairless rabbit because she had never seen one.

She received photos from the breeder. He said that you can have it for free.
Hairless rabbits don’t sell, so he had to put his previous one down.

The next day, Cassandra went to the breeder, and when she returned, she had the little animal with her. Mr. Bigglesworth was given to him by his new family because he reminded them of the hairless cat from the Austin Powers movies, and he fit right in.

The family was initially concerned about their new pet because they didn’t know how healthy Mr. Bigglesworth was. Cassandra claimed she tried searching the Internet for information regarding his health but couldn’t find anything, so she uploaded images of him to her other rabbit’s Instagram account, renamed it to belong to both of them, and asked if anyone had any information.

Cassandra hoped that someone in the internet rabbit community would be aware of his illness and how to care for him. Within a week, the media began to publicize her tale, and other rabbit owners from all over the world contacted her, sharing their own experiences with rabbits suffering from the same disease.

It turns out that if two rabbits are together and both carry the ff gene (hairless gene), each litter will produce a hairless kid. Mr. Bigglesworth was one of them. The majority of these bunnies die before they reach the age of four weeks.

“Considering his situation, Mr. Bigglesworth is currently pretty healthy,” Cassandra told Bored Panda. Mr. Bigglesworth, on the other hand, has a fast metabolism. Because of his condition, he consumes more than a typical rabbit, but he’s otherwise healthy and undergoes vet exams every six months.

The hairless rabbit is so cheerful that he keeps his family occupied all day. Cassandra described him as having a “chubby personality” and being “extremely naughty.” “He understands the word ‘no,’ and when I see him doing anything wrong, I cry ‘no,’ and he rushes up to me, stomping his feet and honking his horn. He has done this to me countless times, and it always makes me giggle. It’s almost as though he’s shouting at me for correcting him.”

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