Morgan Cohen Is Now Officially Dating Jack Dylan Grazer

By the end of 2021, Jack Dylan Grazer was embroiled in a major scandal regarding his connection with his ex-girlfriend, Cylia Chasman. According to those close to the young actor and his then-girlfriend, he is an aggressive and manipulative character. Nonetheless, Grazer seems to have found another romance only months after his breakup, as he is currently dating TikToker Morgan Cohen.

Morgan Cohen flaunted Jack Dylan Grazer on TikTok.

Throughout the month of March this year, the actor has made many cameos on TikToker’s account, beginning with a clip released on March 7th. The video’s idea was straightforward. The onscreen message read, “Does he act his age?” as the actor was shown indulging himself on a set of VR goggles. While this was going on, the TikToker dubbed, “That’s a terrific question. Let me think about how I’m going to respond to this.” Although the video sparked dating speculations, nothing was really official until this point.

Morgan Cohen

Fans were first perplexed as to whether he was truly Grazer in the video, as seen by the caption. However, after they were confident of the actor’s identity, many opted to highlight what the tweet meant – a red heart above his footage means officially dating. Fans quickly started warning the TikToker and advising her to “leave” as soon as possible, maybe due to his aggressive background.

Morgan Cohen is now officially dating Jack Dylan Grazer.

Despite this, Cohen seemed unfazed by the remarks. She would continue to post footage of the actor on her stream in the following weeks, including one in which she collaborated with Princess Polly. In the video, she bought $900 worth of clothes and tried them on as Grazer rated each one. This time, she boldly presented Grazer to the audience as her lover, so making things official-official. Fans continue to warn the TikToker as additional videos are uploaded, but she seems to be ignoring them.

Jack Dylan Grazer’s Alleged Abuse History

Several text messages appeared on Instagram in December 2021, alleging that Grazer was violent to his then-girlfriend. Allegations ranged from mental abuse to physical assault. Despite the fact that Chasman did not first make the charges, the girlfriend supported them. Instead of arguing his point in public, the actor went the legal way and hired a lawyer. According to his counsel, Chasman was a “troubled, immature, attention-seeking young lady.”

Morgan Cohen

Several witnesses, however, claimed to have the knowledge to the contrary. That was the end of what was heard in public. Unfortunately, it was not the first time the actor was accused of violently assaulting a coworker. Cohen was last seen dating actor Ethan Cutkosky. If Cutkosky’s word is to be accepted, the pair split up before September 2021, as the actor revealed during an interview on CANCELLED with Tina Mongeau that he was single then.

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