Moon Ga-young Stated That Kim Seon-ho Is Her Favorite Co-Star To Work With

Moon Ga-young and Kim Seon-ho are excellent friends, as the outstanding actress recently demonstrated when asked to select the co-star she had the most joy working with by Elle Korea. To mention a few, Moon Ga-young has collaborated with some of the greatest stars in the Korean entertainment business, including Woo Do-hwan (Tempted: The Great Seducer), Kim Seon-ho (Welcome to Waikiki 2), and Hwang In-youp and Cha Eun-woo (True Beauty).

Everyone was startled when she picked Kim Seon-ho from Welcome to Waikiki 2. But it was all for a fascinating cause. The actress quipped that she chose the Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha actor because he is easily irritated and she wants to have a good connection with him. She stated:

“The smartest thing to do is to choose the person who is most easily irritated, so that I may keep excellent ties… Kim Seon Ho is easily agitated, therefore certainly, Woo Sik, I’ll choose you.”

The Relationship between Moon Ga-young and Kim Seon-ho

Moon Ga-young and Kim Seon-ho had known each other for quite some time. The co-stars of Welcome to Waikiki 2 first met on the set of the aforementioned drama in 2019. Kim Seon-ho plays Cha Woo-sik, a poor musician who shares a Waikiki guesthouse with Lee Joon-ki (Lee Yi-hyung) and Kook Ki-bong (Shin Hyun-soo). It revolves around Cha Woo-reunion sik’s with his first love and high-school buddy Han Soo-yeon (Moon Ga-young), who is forced to fend for herself after her wedding is called off.

Moon Ga-young

The concert was only somewhat successful, but it solidified their bond. So much so that when Moon Ga-young was cast as the lead in the 2020 K-drama Find Me In Your Memory, starring Kim Dong-Wook, he decided to make a cameo appearance to express his support. They kept in contact over the years, sending each other coffee trucks and giving each other shoutouts, with him calling her in an episode of the variety program 2 Days and 1 Night.

After being chosen as Nau’s brand ambassador in 2021, they also appeared in advertising photoshoots for the 2021 spring/summer collection. Recently, the Start-Up actor turned down an invitation to feature in Moon Ga-fantasy-thriller young’s drama Link, and the part was subsequently filled by Yeo Jin-goo. Fans anticipate them to collaborate again and based on their performances in Welcome to Waikiki 2 and a short appearance in Find Me In Your Memory, they will almost certainly get their wish.

More information about Moon Ga-young and Kim Seon-ho

Moon Ga-young and Kim Seon-ho are unquestionably two of the most prominent K-drama performers. Moon Ga-young began her career as a child actress, appearing in dramas such as Prince Hours, Who Are You?, and Wang’s Family, among others.

She came to notoriety with the program EXO Next Door, which included EXO members, and went on to feature in some of the most famous K-dramas, including Tempted, Welcome to Waikiki 2, and Find Me In Your Memory. Moon Ga-young rose to prominence after starring in True Beauty as Lim Ju-gyeong, a plain girl who becomes the target of love for two of the most popular males in school.

Moon Ga-young

Kim Seon-ho, on the other hand, has had a fascinating relationship with fame and achievement. He started his career as a tiny and supporting actor in dramas such as Good Manager, Strongest Deliveryman, Two Cops, Welcome to Waikiki 2, and Catch The Ghost. He rose to prominence in Start Up, where he portrayed investor and coach Han Ji-pyeong, and subsequently starred in the 2021 healing drama Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha.

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