Monja Willis- All About The Mother Of James Harden

Monja Willis is well-known as the mother of James Harden, an American professional basketball player who formerly played for the Brooklyn Nets and now plays for the Philadelphia 76ers. Monja was born in California and reared there. She spent almost three decades with AT&T.

Quick Facts

Full Name Monja Willis
First Name Monja
Last Name Willis
Profession Celebrity Mother
Nationality American
Birth City California
Birth Country United States
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation straight
Marital Status Single
Spouse James Harden Sr.
No Of Children 3

Marriage life

Monja married her Navy Seaman spouse, James Harden Sr. He inspired them to name their kid after him. Harden’s full name is James Harden Jr. Unfortunately, the relationship between father and son was strained. Her marriage, however, was devastated by his d*ug addiction. He was in and out of prison for most of the period. James did not trust his father as a child because of his father’s absence. Jr. was officially terminated by James in 2016.

How did she manage to raise her three children on her own?

She has three children: oldest son Akili Roberson, daughter Arnique Jelks, and youngest son James. It was difficult for her to raise her three children on her alone in Compton, California, where a murder was prevalent at the time. So she kept her children involved in sports to keep them safe. Monja claims she worked hard and spent her money well since she knew she had to raise her children alone. She gave up her desire to fulfill theirs. Her primary purpose was to grow them to be the greatest and most productive people they could be. Akili is a soccer player.

Monja Willis

The significance of Harden’s nickname Lucky

Harden had no idea why his mother gave him the moniker Lucky for many years until she informed him. Monja experienced two terrible miscarriages before to the birth of Harden, which necessitated a cervical cerclage, a procedure in which surgeons suture the entrance of the uterus to avoid miscarriages. They just dubbed him Lucky after his mother delivered him since he was fortunate to survive.

What was in a letter sent by James to her?

At the age of 12, James sent her mother a message that stated,

“Could you please wake me up at 7:00 a.m. and leave me a couple of dollars?”

He had requested her to save the letter with her writing that he was going to be a celebrity at the end. As he said, he is now a major star. The letter is still in her possession. Monja has been a staunch supporter of her son’s NBA career from the beginning. At the same time, she is a protective mother who is not afraid to respond to criticism directed at her kid.

She does not want to hear anybody speak negatively about her kid. She claims she needs to put them in their place. During an interview, she admitted to responding back to critics if she was within hearing distance. She will beg them not to speak about her kid and will treat him with the same respect as they would their own son or daughter. She also mentioned feeling wounded, as any mother does. She only has a few of them since James has instructed her to avoid Facebook and social media.

Monja Willis

Net Worth

Monja Willis’s net worth is presently unknown. We now know the net worth of James Harden, an eight-time All-NBA player who began his career with the Oklahoma City Thunder in 2009. He spent nine years with the Houston Rockets before joining the Brooklyn Nets on January 14, 2021. He is widely considered as the finest shooting guard in the NBA and was named MVP in 2018.

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