Misfit of Demon King Academy’s Top Eight Characters

Since the first episode in Summer 2020, people have been enamored by the anime Misfit of Demon King Academy. When the performance showed how powerful Anos is, fans were ecstatic. He can annihilate the most powerful Demon Royalty without raising a finger, and with a single swipe of his sword, he can wipe away ancient gods.

Anos was given the moniker of Misfit because of his enormous power and reluctance to kneel to the Royals. Despite this, many characters admire him and are happy to call him a friend. Most of his pals, by coincidence, are powerful demons capable of defeating several of the show’s characters.

Characters with the most power in Misfit of Demon King Academy

 Demon King Academy
Demon King Academy

1)Eleonore Bianca

Eleonore was introduced later than many other characters in the Misfit of Demon King Academy anime series, yet she is still a formidable opponent.

She employs a variety of magical spells as a result of her immense magical prowess. Rather than focusing entirely on assaulting her opponents, Eleonore is more suited to protecting and assisting her teammates.

De Igelia and Enne Igelia are two of her protective spells. These are two extremely powerful magical spells that augment the power of friends while also erecting strong barriers against magical attacks.

2) Misha Necron

Misha Necron is Sasha’s twin sister, and she enjoys spending her leisure time with Anos or constructing Magic Models.

Misha has considerable magical strength, and she uses it to use all of her magical powers extremely skillfully. Her Eyes of Creation are opposites of the Eyes of Destruction as she can make anything she thinks with them. As long as she channels enough magical energy into her eyes, her inventiveness is her sole restriction.

She also employs spells like Iris, Je Grade, and Dino Jixes.

3) Lay Glanzudlii

When Lay was originally presented, he became an instant buddy of Anos. Lay is one of the strongest characters that lack any magic talent in the program. He even mentioned that he became a skilled swordsman owing to his not being able to make spells and wield magic effectively.

Some of the weapons he employs include Evansmana and Sigshesta. These swords are famed for taking on extraordinarily powerful opponents without receiving any damage.

4) Sasha Necron

Sasha Necron is a highly recognized and distinguished Necron Family member and a descendant of Ivis Necron. She possesses immense magical power and the expertise to employ it.

Similar to Anos, Sasha bears a pair of Eyes of Destruction. These eyes can channel magic energy and kill anything in their path. She can also use them to put people to sleep and negate magical strikes.

Moreover, she is also proficient at utilizing magic. She employs some of the most powerful strikes in the show, such as Je Grade, Dienu, and Dino Jixes.

5) Eugo La Raviaz

Eugo la Raviaz is the Guardian God of Time, and it seems sensible for someone in his position to be immensely strong.

Like many other characters, he possesses enormous magical power and immortality. However, he can alter time, and he resides on the conceptual level, so even the most strong individuals will not be able to harm him.

The weapon he employs is known as the Time God’s Scythe, and it has dominion over time. If it slashes or blocks spells, the spells evaporate as if they were never performed in the first place. Due to his immense mastery over time, he may speed up a person’s existence till they fade into oblivion or do the exact reverse.

6) Shin Regalia

Shin Regalia is the right-hand man of Anos Voldigoad and served him during the conflict between demons and humans. He is also recognized as the greatest swordsman amongst the entire demon species.

As anticipated from the Demon King’s right-hand man, Shin has great magical power and is a superb swordsman. The swords he uses the most are Sigshesta, Deltroz, Gilionoges, and Guneodros.

He utilizes these weapons to channel his vast magical strength and proficiency in swordsmanship. He always defeats his opponents promptly and effectively, leaving no possibility for regeneration or rebirth.

7) Ivis Necron

Ivis Necron is one of the Seven Elder Demon Emperors created by Anos Voldigoad. He is also the head of the Necron Family.

One of the skills he employs regularly is shape-shifting. He changes into a cat anytime he needs to discuss anything with Anos but does not want to bring notice to them.

He is also the inventor of Dino Jixes and master of Gijel, two very strong spells, and he wields the Demon Sword Gadol. When a human is harmed by Gadol, their injuries cannot heal.

8) Anos Voldigoad

Anos Voldigoad was regarded as the notorious Demon King of Tyranny during the show’s Mythical Age. He possesses extraordinary physical strength, speed, and intellect. He is capable of out-smarting several of the characters throughout the series. This is simply the tip of the iceberg that is his power.

Anos also has access to many magical spells. Jio Graze is a strong fire spell, and he utilizes it continuously during the show. It is capable of creating massive devastation, and Anos uses it masterfully. Other spells in his repertory include Jirasd, Bebesd, Delsgade, and more.

Some of his greatest exploits, though, are demonstrated when he employs his Eyes of Destruction and weaponry. His Eyes of Destruction can destroy anything in their path, including magic and even a person’s psyche. The Venuzdonoa is capable of destroying anything in existence.

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