Mikayla Nogueira Is Facing Backlash After She Made Remark About Her Job

Mikayla Nogueira, a TikToker, is facing a massive reaction on social media after revealing a day in her life. The beauty influencer used the video-sharing site to convey her frustrations with her profession. Meanwhile, her followers were unimpressed when she announced that she was able to leave work at half past five. Mikayla Nogueira has over 13.5 million TikTok followers and is most recognized for her personable attitude and outstanding beauty lessons. Netizens were displeased when a video of hers from 2021 became popular on social media.

As the video’s views increased, Twitter users started criticizing the 24-year-old, with one even saying she was becoming one of the “totally tone deaf influencers.”

Another person commented on the video, asking the influencer to “report to a 9-5 job.”

Mikayla Nogueira detailed her day in the video, alleging that her work was “maddening.” She can be heard indicating that she completed work at 5:19, which enraged many netizens.

Mikayla Nogueira

The influencer goes on to say:

For a day, pretend you’re an influencer. Try it. Try it for a day because the folks who think it’s simple are completely insane. It is not for everyone. In reality, it’s only a very limited number of individuals who can perform this work since it’s really ridiculous. I’m simply saying you don’t want this job.”

Netizens react to the rediscovered TikTok video of Mikayla Nogueira.

Netizens rolled their eyes at the content producer when the video started to circulate on social media. Many people called her statements “tone deaf” and labeled her “privileged.” Netizens also posted information about their own careers, which included much longer hours and unrivaled perks. Internet users quickly announced that the beauty expert had been “canceled.”

What exactly is Mikayla Nogueira?

Mikayla Nogueira was born on June 13, 1998, in Boston, Massachusetts. After her beauty lessons went popular, the influencer exploded on the internet in 2020. She has gained popularity for her funny material. Her TikTok account has almost 13 million followers, yet her Instagram account only has 2.4 million.

Mikayla Nogueira

The influencer is quite active on both channels. Fans of the content producer seem to be impressed by her eye-catching and colorful makeup, which often incorporates dramatic eye shadow effects. Mikayla Nogueira garnered a following when she was just starting out for her simple cosmetic hacks, which included a concealer lesson, which was also her debut video with over one million views. The influencer routinely divulges personal information. She announced her engagement in 2021 and just stated that she and her fiancé had adopted a new puppy.

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