Meet Chris Hemsworth’s Parents- Everything You Need to Know About His Family

If you’ve seen Liam and Chris Hemsworth, which we’ll confess you probably have, it’ll be no surprise that their parents were also as attractive.

Craig and Leonie Hemsworth are Chris Hemsworth’s parents. If you were given a photo of Craig Hemsworth when he was younger, you might mistake him for one of his attractive kids. On the occasion of his mother’s birthday, Liam shared this antique photo.

Chris Hemsworth
Chris Hemsworth

Craig Hemsworth- Chris Hemsworth Father

The Hemsworths’ parents have grown up since that shot was taken. However, in the Hemsworth brothers’ most recent Father’s Day images, it was clear that the father was still as gorgeous in his late 60s. Chris and Liam described the 66-year-old Hemsworth dad as a ‘champion’ in shirtless images shared on their Instagram pages. Chris, on the other hand, didn’t just publish one embodiment.

Craig Hemsworth
Craig Hemsworth

He also uploaded images of Craig, his brothers, and their mother, Leonie Hemsworth, during what looked to be a camping vacation when they were all youngsters. To top it off, the Thor actor shared a lovely current-day photo of the two dressed in similar black outfits and hats at what appeared to be his multi-million dollar Byron Bay house.

The actor said in the caption with a handful of love: “You huge bloody champion, have a wonderful Father’s Day!! Thank you for always being available. Dad, I adore you.” Chris’ affection for his parents is not limited to words, as the actor made it a point to wipe off all of his father’s debt in one fell swoop shortly after becoming famous.

Liam allegedly grew teary-eyed during an interview with Independent in 2015 when he recalled Chris contacting his father and instructing him to check his money balance.

“‘I don’t know how to feel,’ [Criag] replied when I phoned my brother Chris back. I’ve had bills since I left home, and I thought I’d be paying them off till I died, with this weight hanging over me, and suddenly they’re all gone.’” Liam recalled something.

Wait till you meet Chris’ other parent, his mother.

Leonie Hemsworth- Chris Hemsworth Mother

On Mother’s Day 2020, the actor’s fans were astounded when he shared a photo with his then-60-year-old mother. After witnessing her age-defying complexion, many people remarked Leonie looked more like his sister than his mother. One commenter even went so far as to comment.

Leonie Hemsworth
Leonie Hemsworth


“It’s not a jab at your babe bride, but where does your mother conceal the artwork that aged instead of her THIS IS WITCHCRAFT!!!!”

If that commenter reads this, it appears that intermittent fasting is the key to her eternal youth. Elsa Pataky, Chris’s wife, informed body+soul that her mother-in-law firmly adhered to intermittent fasting.

“She is very stunning! She’s 60…and she’s getting better with each passing year “Pataky went on to say.

According to reports, the Hemsworth matriarch began fasting one day every week and worked her way up to where she is now.

“She began by fasting for one day once a week, and then she progressed to 15-16 hours,” Pataky revealed.

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