Meagan Martin Is Set To Featured In Jason Mamoa’s New Show “The Climb”

Meagan Martin, the American Ninja Warrior’s top rock climber, is poised to host the new program The Climb. It’s a new program created by Aquaman’s Jason Mamoa and renowned rock climber Chris Sharma. Meagan grew up doing gymnastics and pole vaulting, but her true passion has always been climbing. After college, she decided to pursue climbing as a profession. She will be featured on HBO Max’s The Climb after appearing on series such as American Ninja Warrior for seven seasons.

Meagan Martin, the presenter of The Climb, was a participant in American Ninja Warrior.

Meagan, who was homeschooled, started participating in gymnastics when she was five years old. When she was in elementary school, her mother had her read for an hour every day. Meagan started reading while climbing trees, which sparked her passion for the sport as she got older. Meagan said that as a gymnast growing up, she was often climbing objects at the gym while “goofing off.”

Meagan started climbing at the Aiguille Rock Climbing Center at the Orlando Gym. Meagan joined the gym’s climbing team with eight other youngsters. When she was in her freshman year of high school, she also attempted pole vaulting for the first time.

She shared her own story, saying that she wasn’t very interested in attempting pole vaulting but did so because her mother believed she should. Meagan went on to say that she ended up enjoying it and that climbing and gymnastics both assisted her transition into pole vaulting.

She mentioned:

“Gymnastics provided me with the body awareness, speed, strength, and acrobatic abilities required to be a successful Pole Vaulter. I believe that climbing kept me strong after I stopped gymnastics, so I had extra strength to devote to Pole Vaulting.”

Meagan realized she wanted to return to competition climbing and make it a profession after graduating from college at the end of her junior year. Meagan’s personal highlights in 2020 included her fiancé proposing to her when they were rock climbing. Her then-boyfriend proposed to her at the appropriately named Lover’s Leap. She showed off her new ring in an Instagram photo, and her hands were coated with climbing chalk. Meagan and her now-husband married in 2021 after eloping. Here’s what Jason Mamoa had to say about Meagan Martin ahead of her debut on HBO’s new show:

“We’ve decided to launch a competition to motivate the next generation of climbers. We’ve also recruited champion climber Meagan Martin.”

Meagan Martin’s American Ninja Warrior voyage

Meagan Martin won American Ninja Warrior in 2014, being the first rookie to complete a qualifying course and just the third woman to scale the warped wall. At the National Finals that year, she also made history by being the first girl to successfully complete Stage 1’s leaping spider and halfpipe assault. Meagan has participated in ANW every year since then, establishing history in the sport along the way. Her career highlights include reaching the national finals every year and hitting three consecutive qualifying buzzers. Throughout Season 10, Meagan was offered various chances, including acting as the season’s official poster girl. After starring on American Ninja Warrior for five seasons and Team Ninja Warrior for three, Meagan Martin was given the opportunity to serve as a coach on American Ninja Warrior Jr.

Meagan Martin


Concerning HBO The Climb, Max’s new program

Jason Mamoa, the guy who plays Aquaman, and Chris Sharma have collaborated to develop a new competition series in which amateur climbers fight for a $100,000 grand prize and a prAna sponsorship. The Climb, an eight-episode series, will air on January 12, 2023.

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