Maximilian Davis A Designer Appointed As Salvatore Ferragamo Creative Director

Salvatore Ferragamo announced a shift in the creative director job on March 14, 2022, which is presently held by Maximilian Davis. Maximilian will take over as the company’s creative director on March 16, 2022, succeeding Paul Andrew, who left the firm to design for his own brand. The young British designer will take over as creative director shortly after presenting his Fall Winter 2022 collection at London Fashion Week under the aegis of Fashion East. Salvatore Ferragamo also named a new CEO in January 2022, naming Marco Gobetti to lead the Italian design brand.

More information on Maximilian Davis

Maximilian Davis grew up in Manchester and attended the London College of Fashion. He draws inspiration from his Trinidian-Jamaican heritage and creates with crisp elegance and vivid colors from a culturally-hybrid perspective. In 2020, he launched his eponymous brand, which quickly gained worldwide acclaim, attracting A-list celebrities such as Dua Lipa, Rihanna, and Kim Kardashian. Maximilian Davis learned to sew from his grandmother and founded the label from his bedroom in Seven Sisters. Davis has worked with Grace Wales Bonner, Asai, Mowalola, and Supriya Lele before founding his own label.

Maximilian Davis

Maximilian Davis just debuted his collection with Fashion East at London Fashion Week, including crisp fitted items, beautiful tiny skirts, Nappa cropped jackets, and opulent suede trench coats. The arrival of Salvatore Ferragamo ushers in a new era for Davis and the Florentine label. Marco Gobbetti, the firm’s recently appointed CEO, reacted to Maximilian Davis’ debut on the label, stating,

“I am happy to welcome Maximilian to the Ferragamo House.” His vision clarity, degree of execution, and tremendous aesthetic combine to make him one of the most brilliant geniuses of his time. His art is distinguished by its elegance, delicate sensuality, and unwavering attention to excellence. He will create a new, exciting chapter for this house established on a tradition of innovation, craftsmanship, refinement, and exceptional human values through the prism of his modern perspective.”

Maximilian Davis

By appointing a young black creative representative in the fashion company, the Ferragamo label has made a positive step. Davis was also appreciative of the role, which he acknowledged in a news statement issued by the Ferragamo company, adding,

“I am profoundly thrilled to be joining Ferragamo and appreciative for the chance to contribute to the house’s rich and significant tradition.” Ferragamo exemplifies a commitment to ageless beauty and refinement that I find really motivating. I’m excited to share my idea, which has been elevated by the codes of Italian workmanship, quality, and innovation.”

The British-Trinidadian designer has also lately earned a name for himself as one of the semi-finalists for this year’s LVHM award. He was one of twenty designers nominated for the LVMH award for young designers. However, he opted out of the competition before the exhibition opened in Paris.

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