Max Kallschmidt Disclosed The Reason For His Breakup With Moriah Plath

The season opener of Welcome to Plathville made it clear that whatever happened between Moriah Plath and Max Kallschmidt was not nice. Max finally addressed the nature of his acts that caused Moriah to break up with him this week. Max confessed to Micah Plath that he had kissed another lady at his friend’s house. Season 4 Episode 2 of Welcome to Plathville resumed off just where it left off last week. Micah traveled to Tampa to see his brothers Ethan and Moriah. When he came, though, he discovered Moriah was angry. The siblings went for a stroll. Micah attempted to get Moriah to talk, but she broke down.

Moriah then directed Micah to speak with Max in order to determine what had occurred. During her confessional, the Welcome to Plathville actor said that she couldn’t tell what Max did because she was afraid people would hate him. She said that she does not want to dislike him, and she does not want anybody else to either. Max resolved to meet Micah and solve the riddle. Max grieved as he sat down to speak with Micah, admitting that he had made a mistake. He then began by stating,

“I have a dear friend who is a little older than you and me. We used to work together, and we were celebrating his retirement at his house, and he brought his woman friend, whom I knew he loved. So I was attempting to be his wingman. So I went a bit too far. I was simply flirting with her, which led her to believe it was appropriate to attempt to kiss me, which she did.”

Max Kallschmidt


Micah was taken aback when he heard Max. Max went on to add that he confessed to Moriah right away. But he also informed her that he was proud of himself for not letting things go too far. Moriah immediately ended her relationship with Max after hearing what he said.


During his confession, Micah said that no one believed Max could commit such crimes. He went on to say that, apart from being a betrayal of Moriah, it was also a betrayal of the duo’s relationship. Continuing, Max said that his fight with Moriah became more heated, and he said some nasty things to her, such as calling her fashion sense disgusting. Max then sobbed again, saying he wanted to do better. Micah called Moriah after speaking with Max. She said that she wasn’t ready to reconcile with him since she wasn’t over the kissing event. But, if she can let this go, she will think about it later. Fans who saw the show were startled to learn that a simple kiss was the catalyst for Moriah’s breakdown and the end of her relationship with Max.

Max Kallschmidt

The reason for Max and Moriah’s split on Welcome to Plathville surprised viewers.

Fans expressed on Twitter that Moriah needs to learn more and that it was selfish for her to break up with Max over a kiss.

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