Matthew Modine Stated That He Was Astounded When He Saw His Wife For The First Time

Matthew Modine’s acting career got off to a rocky start. Before his acting career took off, he worked at a restaurant. He also met his wife, Caridad Modine, while working as a cook. He couldn’t refuse her as a client. Modine’s acting career and relationship sprang off at the same time, and they’re still going strong over four decades later.

The First Time Matthew Modine Saw His Wife

When Modine initially moved to New York to pursue an acting career, finding employment was difficult. To make ends meet, he found a job as a server at a restaurant named Au Natural. However, the person in charge did not allow him to wait tables. Instead, he sent him to work as a cook in the kitchen.

The Stranger Things star has some cooking experience, having worked at a restaurant when he was 11 and his parents owning a Mexican restaurant when he was a child. So his experience was useful, and he stayed. One day, he got a take-out order from a waitress. Modine, on the other hand, declined to cook the meal since he knew it would be terrible as a take-out option. The waiter argued, claiming that the client, a female, was a regular and a nice customer. Nonetheless, Modine was not in the mood to prepare the food.

Matthew Modine


So he went up and said that if the waiter did not want to tell the client “no,” he would. He stepped outside to the eating area, prepared to urge her to take her order elsewhere. When he saw the client, all of his sternness evaporated. Instead, he said, “How many do you require?”

“It was the most gorgeous creature I’d ever seen in my life,” he recalled of the moment he saw the customer, who would ultimately become his wife. “I believe in love at first sight,” he said to Hallmark.

That love at first sight with wife Caridad grew into a marriage that lasted four decades. He appreciates the years of assistance she has provided him. In 2020, he told Closer Weekly that Caridad was “the finest companion and friend a person could want for.” He loved the steadiness and strength she had given him and wondered whether he would still be alive if she hadn’t been there.

Marriage and Family of Matthew Modine and Caridad Modine

On October 31, 1980, Modine married Caridad Rivera, a Puerto Rican cosmetics artist, and wardrobe stylist. They share two children, a boy, and a daughter. Both of their children work in the film industry. Boman Rivera Modine (born November 8, 1985) is mostly an assistant director who has worked on more than 26 productions. He has also worked as a director and producer, as well as some writing and acting credits.

Matthew Modine

Boman, on the other hand, likes to keep his personal life as secret as possible. His Instagram account is secret, and nothing is known about his personal life. Ruby Wylder Rivera Modine, their daughter, is more well-known than her brother. She was born on June 31, 1990, and is a well-known actress. She has collaborated with her father on several large and little projects. Avery Winter, Ruby’s son, has made Modine a grandpa. At the time of writing, Avery is a little over a year old.

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