Maryanne Oketch Becomes The New Champion Of Survivor

Survivor Season 42’s amazing season has come to a conclusion. The reality competition’s season finale aired on CBS on Wednesday, May 25, 2022, at 8 p.m. ET. The five finalists gave their finest performance throughout the three-hour grand spectacle to win the championship and a big monetary prize of $1 million.

Fans cheered as Maryanne defeated her to win the championship and the cash prize. One follower tweeted:

It was a difficult game from the start, with 18 castaways. To “outwit and outlast” each other, they faced several challenges, battled their way through tactics and alliances, and survived numerous jaw-dropping Tribal Councils. With 26 days under their belts, it was only a question of one individual playing smart and clever to win Survivor.

Fans react as Maryanne Oketch is crowned the next Survivor winner.

Fans were overjoyed when Maryanne became the second Black woman to win Survivor in 20 years, and the second Canadian to do it in a row. Viewers flooded social media with good wishes.


What happened in the Survivor Season 42 season finale?

To make it to the season finale of Survivor, the Top 5 finalists had to bring their A-game. Maryanne Oketch, Romeo Escobar, Mike Turner, Jonathan Young, and Lindsay Dolashewich brought their A-game with the objective of winning the season and proving that they are deserving of a spot in the finale. When it comes to Survivor, though, relationships may shift and the tides are unpredictable. Alliances may alter, trials can be tiring for some and a pleasure for others, and Tribal Councils can be surprising. In the finale, something quite similar occurred.

Maryanne Oketch

At the start of the game, viewers knew that Maryanne was the only one of the five who had the idol that could be used to rescue another member if she decided to use it. Following Omar’s removal last week, his alliance Lindsay believed she was in hot trouble and faced elimination at the first Tribal Council. She only had one chance to stay alive and earn a position in the Top 4 by winning the immunity challenge.

Despite obtaining the last advantage after answering a riddle, she came one piece short of Mike, who earned the immunity that put him in the Top 4. He picked Jonathan to accompany him with the prize, who attempted to persuade the winner to play the idol on him. At the same time, Lindsay attempted to persuade Mike to play the idol in order to keep her safe. Both of their ploys failed on Mike, who used the idol to keep Maryanne safe, another power move by the latter to keep herself safe until the finale without admitting she had an idol to play with. Initially, she had to play it to rescue Lindsay, but the competitor declined, causing the former to be eliminated.

Maryanne Oketch
The unexpected occurred at the second immunity challenge. Romeo, one of the weakest players, got immunity and the ability to pick one person to accompany him to the final three. He chose Maryanne, leaving Mike and Jonathan to create fire and secure their place next to the two.

The three finalists had to show the jury (made up of removed competitors following the merge) why they deserved to win during the final Tribal Council. Following a mock questioning session, the votes were cast and, like with the previous season, were announced in the jungle. Maryanne was declared Survivor Season 42’s champion.

While Maryanne made history on the program, presenter Jeff Probst introduced Season 43 of the show, which would have even more drama and thrilling gameplay for spectators to enjoy. A fresh group of castaways will battle for the coveted title and a million dollars in cash.

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