Martin Kove’s Relationship with Mary Scavo Squire Is Still Going Strong 

Martin Kove’s girlfriend, Mary Scavo Squire, was formerly frequent on his social media accounts. He kept his admirers up to date on his personal life by publishing images and mentioning his girlfriend on a regular basis. They even went to red carpet events and family gatherings as a couple. For example, Kove accompanied her to the 2019 star-studded premiere of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. In a black party gown, she came alongside him.

However, after the outbreak, he stopped tagging her in his tweets, and their public appearances decreased. Everyone assumed that the two had separated due to their unexpected disappearance. It turns out that this is not the case; contrary, they are still going strong.

Martin Kove Is Still With His Girlfriend Mary

In 2017, Kove acknowledged his connection with Scavo by taking her to the opening of his son Jessie Scavo’s film, The Fake. He tweeted images from the night, saying he had a fantastic time with his girlfriend and kid. “Great night celebrating my son @JesseKove and I’s new movie #FakeNews with my girlfriend Mary,” he posted. In October 2017, he revealed to the public that his boyfriend had paid him a visit in Washington when he was filming New York with Danny Trejo.

Martin Kove

He tweeted images from the trip and said it was great to be with her. Such mentions and postings persisted until 2019, after which they vanished in 2020 and 2021. Obviously, this did not imply that they had broken up. He eventually shared images with his boys and Scavo on July 2, 2022. They were all clutching the Stanley Cup and reveling in the occasion. The pair seemed to be in good spirits as they spent time with their boys. Kove’s girlfriend is a successful entrepreneur. According to her Facebook page, she is the president of River Park Executive Suits, a premium office rental in Ventura County. She has two boys from prior marriages. Jordan, her youngest son, married in June 2019.

Previous Relationships of Martin Kove

From 1981 until 2005, Kove was married to New Zealand actress Vivviene Kove. He and his ex-wife have two children, twins Jesse Morgan and Rachel Olivia. Jesse and Rachel followed in his footsteps in Hollywood and established themselves as performers. In Cobra Kai, Jesse played the younger version of Kove’s John Kresse.

Martin Kove

Only Jesse stayed in the acting business. Rachel changed careers and is now the CEO of Transformational Solutions and a qualified life coach. Her father, it seemed, had approved her job change. “He’s taught me never to give up on my aspirations,” she told Cliche Mag, describing her father as one of the most “tenacious and relentless persons” she’d ever known. She even said how much she admired her father and his hard work.

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